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                                    Next week or enter the short line to lure more rhythm
Next week or enter the short line to lure more rhythm

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1. Time: The time factor is easy to be ignored by everyone. In fact, the market is essentially the continuous transformation of time and space. Time is still a very important factor. The current rebound has entered the sixth trading day, while the conventional rebound is short. - 5 trading days, a little longer 5-8 trading days, in general, in a band bounce rhythm, only one or two short-term heavy positions signal to do the inventory. If the rebound is still strong after 5-8 trading days, then it will be a partial level of rebound, and even into a reversal.

2, this Friday trading day, only one week out of a large physical Yang, but, but also in the short-term selling point, because there has been a big sun on Friday, this Yang line on Monday is not the beginning Yang. On the four trading days of Wednesday, March 4th, the physical K line was released. The K line on Wednesday and Thursday was a long-lasting shadow. The Friday was relatively better, leaving a slightly shorter K. Line, but this K line still has no breakthrough ability, just fluctuating between the upper and lower shadow lines of the K line on Wednesday. The pregnancy line was collected on Thursday and Friday, indicating that it is a temporary balance point.

3. If an upward breakthrough is formed on Monday, the final result may not be as beautiful as imagined. This is because the time factor is very important. Even if it breaks through Monday, it is the 7th trading day. It may be a breakthrough in lure, although If the breakthrough will participate, but the risk prevention awareness can not be lost, if the next day if the intensity is not good, there must be plans to evacuate in time. If you break the defensive position down the following week and do not break up, it is easy to switch to a second rise. If it is first to break through and then go down, then it is not good, that is, for the adjustment of a relatively full rise of the band, if there is no upward breakthrough, it will be directly broken down, but it is easy to get out of the pattern of small three waves.

4. For the subsequent evolution, always maintain double-sided thinking, not to be kidnapped by a certain theory, because the essence of the theory is to use and reverse use, if it is supposed to be like this, then it should be the theory, the facts On the market, how to go is correct. Predicting right and wrong is inevitable. It is impossible to be wrong. It is the same value.

5, next week's response: First of all, from the rebound running time, the risk awareness needs to be improved, even if a breakthrough Yang is made next week, don't forget, there is a breakthrough Yang will participate, but at the same time should be more alert, because the time period of the rebound It is good for adjustment. If you see a K-line of a solid or long shadow after a strong yang, you must decisively wait and see. The profit accumulated by the small rebound can not withstand the return of a large Yinxian market. Therefore, the awareness of high risk prevention needs to be particularly strong. Anti-risk should also emphasize forward-looking, and don't take it lightly for every negative line. If the next week does not break upwards, then the pressure will be lighter. However, any daily adjustment process must strive to avoid, only to avoid the risk process, and to have the vitality to participate in the opportunity process. As far as Friday is concerned, although the market is a little better, there is no heavy signal. There is no upward breakthrough signal. The market has not touched the new high for two consecutive days. This is not a strong feature. Therefore, Zhou The 50-25% position should be more suitable.
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Published on 2019-01-11 18:11:52
                                                100%, more serious than temptation, it is a violent fall
Published on 2019-01-11 18:17:07
                                                The performance growth is 20 times that of Maotai 10 times. The certainty is to increase stocks. The annual report market is the first choice!
The performance growth is 20 times that of Maotai 10 times the bank, the annual report market preferred!
The P/E ratio is the lowest in the multi-shares with soaring performance, and the highest in the P/E ratio.
At present, there is only a price-to-earnings ratio of 8 times. The annual report will increase sharply before and after the pre-increase. The performance will increase by a multiple. Xinhecheng currently has only 9 times price-earnings ratio. The annual report will increase sharply before and after the increase. Now it is the bottom of the gold.
In the first half of the year, when the main products fell down, the performance still surged nearly twice. In the second half of the year, the price of the main products doubled, and the production capacity increased sharply. Among them, the PPS capacity increased by 3 times, and the performance should increase more times. Currently, it is only 9 times. The price-earnings ratio will increase sharply before and after the annual report is expected to increase.
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                                                thanks for reminding
Published on 2019-01-11 21:37:31
                                                Also lie to the city to buy a house. Do not come. Continue to print money. In 1999 it was 11 trillion. In 2007 it was 40 trillion. 2018 is 181 trillion. One year printing paper money 15 to 17 trillion. Continue to sell land. But people cut prices to sell. Selling houses called farmers to buy in the city. 3. Continue to print stocks. `Cheat the stocks of the stocks. Ha ha. Do not have high wages. High bonuses...
Published on 2019-01-12 09:26:11
                                                The rhythm of the stocks and the market are not necessarily the same, this is terrible, otherwise they are the same as the market, and,,,,,
Published on 2019-01-12 12:03:04
                                                The dog-headed division, blind, can't see the stocks off the bottom? Still watching
Published on 2019-01-13 13:22:15
                                                There is no big adjustment below 2640!
Published on 2019-01-13 20:30:51
Vimo :
                                                            There is no big adjustment below 2640!
                                                So optimistic
Published on 2019-01-15 07:12:50
                                                Going to the rare earth permanent magnet section, there is obviously a large amount of money to operate at the bottom of Yingluohua. Every time you step back, it is a buying opportunity!
Published on 2019-01-15 07:13:05
Vimo :
                                                            There is no big adjustment below 2640!
                                                Going to the rare earth permanent magnet section, there is obviously a large amount of money to operate at the bottom of Yingluohua. Every time you step back, it is a buying opportunity!
Posted on 2019-01-15 08:45:07
                                                Are guessing
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