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Pressure is getting more and more

Weekly review: This week's A-share main index continued to rebound.The Shanghai Composite Index,SSE 50index,Shanghai and Shenzhen 300Index andgemMeansBoth show varying degrees of increase,Shanghai and Shenzhen 300The index rose by a large margin, with a weekly increase of 1.94%. On the disk, the theme stocks are relatively active, 5G concept, UHV, consumer electronics take turns, but the weight of blue-chip performance is relatively low, brokers, banks,real estateFailure to cooperate with the market to effectively attack; human brain engineering, precious metals,the InternetThe financial decline is large, and the market still lacks enthusiasm for sustainability. Looking forward to next week, both the central bank's overall RRR cuts to increase liquidity, local special bond issuance to accelerate support for local infrastructure and the NDRC's forthcoming measures to encourage hot consumption, all indicate that loose monetary policy and positive fiscal policy are counter-cyclically regulating market stability. expected. However, the CPI has returned to the “1st era” and the PPI has returned to the “0 era”, indicating that the downward trend of the economic fundamentals and the possible deflation risks cannot be ignored. Next, the market is about to enter the pre-disclosure season of the annual report. Under the background of the downside of corporate earnings, the results are not as good as expected.Goodwill impairmentThe performance of the mine broke out. Operational recommendations, strict control of positions, should not chase the chase high, band operation. In terms of investment opportunities, we can pay attention to low valuations, high performance certainty, and holiday consumption expectations.food and drinkOperating opportunities in the home appliance industry and other sectors.

1, the Shanghai Composite Index

2Shanghai and Shenzhen 300


Index DK operation tips:

The Shanghai Composite Index K points blue area, the prompt value is 2587.21.

The C-300K blue area of ​​the Shanghai and Shenzhen, the prompt value of 3148.34.

The GEM refers to the K-point blue area with a prompt value of 1304.95.

(Red is a long-headed area, blue is a short-headed area, D-point long signal, suitable for approaching attention, K-point is a short signal, suitable for avoiding risk. The prompt value is DK change signal.)

Shrinkage rebound, configurable operations can be combinedValuationConcern, trend operation Currently the three major indexes are in the blue area, pay attention to the average line pressure, and the urgent need can match.

risk warning:

The contents and opinions herein are for reference only and do not constitute a bid or inquiry for the sale of the securities. Investors are solely responsible for their investment actions and are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the use of this document and its contents.

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