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                                    The market will gain momentum on the 30th, and next week or pull the Changyang.

One: In-disk message combing

1. I am talking about the renminbi. Today, the offshore renminbi has soared more than 400 basis points. This week, the offshore renminbi rose from 6.8640 to 6.7468, an increase of 1,200 basis points. Powell said yesterday that the Fed has the ability to be patient and accountable for interest rates. The Fed turned the doves and continued to benefit the renminbi. The market is tacitly moving towards the goal of 6.6. Why do I think this indicator is particularly important because there is a large amount of money to look at the exchange rate stocks, and many foreign investors also look at exchange rate decisions. As long as the renminbi appreciates sharply, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect funds will flow in large amounts. Another point is that after the exchange rate stabilizes, the central bank has more room to loosen. The rebound in January may continue. Before the spring offensive began in February, it may be ahead of schedule. For small and micro enterprises to reduce taxes, exchange rate appreciation, maoyi negotiations to obtain phased results, 5G issued temporary licenses, infrastructure gradually increased. The news and policy have indeed changed a lot. One day is a good one, and the market should be difficult to fall in the short term.

 2. The market is not completely risk free.Wanxing TechnologyIn the early trading limit, the company announced last night that the nine shareholders were not able to match the 22.29% stake. This huge reduction will put pressure on the entire new sector. The market is worried about catching up with the new stocks after the one-year listing. The risk of such stocks is completely bursty in nature. If you take stocks, you should reduce your holdings before you evade, or you can lift the ban.

 3, the current market is very interesting, always on the news, the hot money in the following various boards. Today's 5G, car networking, unmanned outbreaks are also news driven. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said yesterday that it will issue a 5G temporary license this year, and at the same time accelerate the industrialization process and network construction of the terminal. In the future, about 20% of 5G facilities are used for communication between people and 80% for Internet of Things, such as driverless cars. Hot money from 5G, to the Internet of Vehicles, unmanned driving, is everywhere. I feel that the news of this 5G license will come out, and this round of "new infrastructure" speculation may come to an end. Leading faucetDongfangtongletter,Wind FanThey are beginning to stagnate. Today is the top of the faucet, and the sustainability will not be strong. It is worth noting that the previous leader is very poor today, but the overall market is not bad, and the funds are still being changed. Change the direction of the market and find some new hot spots.

 4, Rong 360 data shows that in December 2018, the national first-home loan average interest rate was 5.68%, down 0.53% from the previous month, which is the first time the country's first average interest rate fell in 23 months. In December, the first set of interest rates in 17 cities showed a correction, and the north and the west and the most popular second-tier cities all declined to varying degrees.

 5. Trump issued a tweet saying that due to the intransigence of democracy on border security issues and the importance of national security, cautiously canceled the trip to Davos, Switzerland, to participate in the World Economic Forum. On the issue of building walls, Trump’s attitude was very tough, and Congress and the White House did not retreat, and both sides picked up. According to foreign media reports, the White House is studying to declare the state into a state of emergency and use the emergency funds of a disaster relief fund in February 2018 to build the border wall.

 6. On January 11, the two major e-commerce platforms in China, Jingdong and Suning, respectively lowered the price of the iPhone. China's smart phone market is saturated, and several giants are doing stock games. Apple's high price strategy is unsustainable.

 7. In response to the prediction that “the birth population in China was greatly reduced in 2018”, the Health and Health Commission responded that the population data for the whole year will be officially released by relevant departments in the near future.

 8. The National Development and Reform Commission said that the Xiong'an New District and the Beijing City Sub-center also shifted from the top-level design phase to the substantive construction phase.

Two: disk observation

The effect of making money in the market today continues to burst, and the hot spots of the subject matter are blooming. The 5G sector was stimulated by the 5G temporary license in the early session. The whole sector continued to rise by nearly 3 percentage points, but the closing sector index only had a 0.74% increase. The theme may be good or not, and the short-term needs to be retired. This year is a lot of routines. Leading stockDongfangtongThe letter closed below the 5-day line or weakened, but the stock changed all the way, even if the adjustment is repeated, this is a good thing for the plate adjustment. Inside the plateMaijie Technology2 connected, pay attention to whether next week can 2 into 3;Solar energyThe board thought it would be a day trip, but today there are still more than 2 stocks, from the change situationYunyi ElectricwithJiaze XinnengThe two stocks are oddly skeptical, and 2 stocks next week may be able to compete for a leader; the Internet of Things is superimposed on Huawei.Yongtai Energy2 even board, the lowest position of the stock is 1.25 yuan, and then do not stir up it will become the next Zhonghong, the speculation is still low-priced property, the stock also has the theme of coal mining, if the follow-up can go beyond the expected trend or can mention The plate is ignited; the hydrogen energy and fuel cell sectors are very hot today.Xiongyi sharesThe stock is a typical representative of the Zhuangyou stocks. Recently, the 2 consecutive boards accelerated the superimposed message to stimulate the entire plate to activate, to see if the three boards become demon.Jiangsu SunshineThe gap gap broke through the bottom platform 2, the domineering exposed, the imagination space is not small; finally mention the most popular sub-news theme today, in the near futureXinjiang JiaojianDriven by the 6-plate, the plate was activated today.Jinli permanent magnetBreak through the platform,MilkBreak through the lower channel,Bay communicationAi Peng Medical has 3 boards and 2 boards respectively. It is really countless. Each test is higher than the sky. After the plate is activated, it will pay attention to the disclosure of the pre-delivery plan, and then send the expected speculation or quantity.

Three: risks and opportunities

Today, the market's bald-headed Yang kissed the 30-day moving average, and the multi-party kinetic energy has not yet been released. Next week, the broader market may start a breakthrough trip. When the breakthrough, the brokerage sector must take the lead, banks, insurance, and then the second-cycle stocks will be driven to make up. In terms of risk, for the UHV, which has a large cumulative increase, the transmission and distribution of electrical and 5G concept stocks should be appropriately avoided, waiting for the full adjustment of the low absorption almost;new energyInvestment opportunities in the industrial chain, technology topics focus on 5G adjustment, domestic chips andartificial intelligenceCan relay, and finally the colored resources focus on lithium, cobalt, aluminum and so on, which are closely related to new energy.

The above opinions are for reference only and are not intended as specific investment suggestions!

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