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                                    Pay attention to the high deviation from the level to start to increase
Trade today

Today, the market adjusted for 5 antennas and 20 antennas in the morning and then supported. After the afternoon, the volatility was higher and the overall trend was stable. Today, the 5G sector has cooled down overall, while the battery, unmanned (car network), industrial Internet, superconducting, and New stocks, Xiong'an and other sectors have signs of relay heating, hot-spots appear to be rotating, and then pay attention to the next week's re-rushing, 30 minutes will appear divergence passivation, the divergence level begins to increase, the operation is as high as 2574-2606 area It is recommended to gradually shrink the defense line to prevent the rebound high point before the Spring Festival, and the short-term continuous strong anti-variety, you can consider the rallies to reduce some positions in batches.

Next week's trend

Then rush to the 2574-2606 area to prevent a rebound high before the Spring Festival or will appear

After the strong opposition in Dayang last Friday, we started a wave of rebounds of at least 60-90 minutes. For the rebound space, last weekend we gave the SSE to see 2536-2586 and the GEM to see 1266-1306. The operation strategy is to maintain Before the Spring Festival, it is unlikely that there will be a big market. Let’s start with an oversold rebound. Look back at this week’s broad market trend of 5 days. The highest on the Shanghai Stock Exchange is 2574, and the GEM is up to 1285. Both are in our expected target area, short-term. The high point appeared on Wednesday, the second day we started to war on the short-term high point on Tuesday, and all of them showed a resistance to fall back. We analyzed yesterday that this wave of rebound did not end (or has risen to the daily level), not breaking 2510-2500 It is expected to continue to oscillate and the target is still 2586-2606, and the GEM is 1286-1306.

The pace of the market's rise and fall this week is in line with our expectations. The hotspots in the sector are mainly concentrated in the mainstream sectors such as 5G, UHV, charging piles, venture capital, rail transit, new energy (automobiles, batteries), although the index is not hot. However, there are more opportunities for individual stocks. This rebound operation is good, and there will be some gains this week. Today, after the low recovery, there will still be momentum on the next week, but it should be noted that next week, there will be two points to pay special attention to. One is that the departure will be deactivated in 15-30 minutes, and the deviation will begin to increase. 15- The 30-minute cycle is not large, but it will follow in the next 60 minutes. Second, it will face a real strong pressure 2574-2606 (half-year line and 60-antenna), and there is a high probability of repeated it before the Spring Festival. It's hard to get through easily, and you have to be extra cautious here before there is an effective breakthrough.

Next week operation

Gradually shrink the line of defense at an important pressure level, do not beat the opposite sides

Yesterday we analyzed, after 5G communication, who might become a latecomer? "New energy vehicles, batteries, charging piles, spare parts, driverless (vehicle networking), and infrastructure related to artificial intelligence (chips, software), industrial Internet will be the focus of large-scale investment," today's battery Industrial Internet and unmanned driving performed strongly. After the continuous rise of 5G, the overall decline occurred. In the previous period, the leading shareholders of Fangde, Dongxin and Equality, which had been soaring in the past, began to enter the downward adjustment, and the low stagflation varieties appeared. Supplementary increase, this sector will be lifted repeatedly after adjustment, but to avoid short-term gains too large varieties, it is recommended to consider the opportunity to sell high-profile low.

Based on the above analysis, the focus of the next week's operation is: if the 2574-2606 area is re-launched (1306 area and above on the GEM board), it is recommended to gradually shrink the line of defense, especially for short-term continuous strong anti-variety. These chips, to prevent the rebound from the high point before the Spring Festival, appear at any time, and then patiently wait for the low-buy opportunity to fall back again, and begin to prepare for the real "spring offensive" after the holiday. The above hot-selling stocks of the hotspots, if they fall again, Or the main target group of low buy, pay attention to the rhythm of each sector, do not be beaten on both sides, even if you buy a good hot plate, it will be lost.
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Posted on 2019-01-12 03:03:30
                                                Please don't blame the Eastern Communications, because we all don't have this stock to resonate, but everyone thinks, if you don't see this stock's increase so amazing, who will choose the high-risk stock market to invest, no new funds to enter , where is the bull market.
Published on 2019-01-13 10:52:08
                                                What is the divergence? Do not know how to understand the most terrible!
Published on 2019-01-13 13:28:36
                                                Repeat again, there will be no major adjustments below 2640 points, and 2520 points will be strong support in the short term!
Published on 2019-01-13 21:47:21
                                                Shabby, know a few hairs
Published on 2019-01-15 07:12:15
Vimo :
                                                            Repeat again, there will be no major adjustments below 2640 points, and 2520 points will be strong support in the short term!
                                                Going to the rare earth permanent magnet section, there is obviously a large amount of money to operate at the bottom of Yingluohua. Every time you step back, it is a buying opportunity!
Published on 2019-01-15 07:12:22
                                                Going to the rare earth permanent magnet section, there is obviously a large amount of money to operate at the bottom of Yingluohua. Every time you step back, it is a buying opportunity!
Published on 2019-01-15 08:45:41
                                                5G cool down, your dog's eyes see clearly! Just warmed up!
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