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                                    The Shanghai stock index broke through the important lifeline for the first time in a year.
Today, the two stock indexes are horizontally consolidated after the regular opening. After 10:00, they continue to rise to the noon closing; the stock index continues to climb in the afternoon; the hot spot: agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, communication, IT equipment, wine making, components, software services, pork, millet concept, 5G concept, Apple concept, sapphire, sub-new stock and other sectors performed strongly; overall: today's market is unilaterally rising.

Since July 2018, we have given a bearish attitude towards the market as a whole. After that, the market trend is basically consistent with our judgment. However, on the last day of the 2011 Lunar New Year, we said for the first time that the Shanghai Stock Index may have a breakthrough.

To briefly review, on the last trading day before the festival (February 1),It is clear that after January 21st, the Shanghai Composite Index has walked out of the horizontal consolidation structure with 2600 points as the central axis. If the resistance level is worn away at this position, it will not rule out a breakthrough rebound, and the focus will be on the choice of direction after the holiday.

Today is the first trading day after the year, the market to take up the rising inertia before the holiday, continue to go out of the unilateral general market, the Shanghai index broke through the strong resistance of 2620 points, for this trend, the view is very clear: the level of rebound has Raise, but the state of the bear market has not changed completely, short-term operations can be, but must avoid the varieties that have surged in the previous period.

Summarize a sentence:The Shanghai index has broken the downward trend since the adjustment of 3,587 points on January 29, 2018, but this does not mean that the market has started a bull market, because the time is not enough, the operation is mainly short-term, but remember not to chase high.
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                                                Lifeng Lithium Industry Lithium-powered faucet First target position 30 yuan Second target position 45 yuan Opportunity to grasp
002460 Haofeng Lithium Industry 719 tons of lithium salt in 2019, solid-state battery mass production, the estimated performance of about 2.3 billion yuan, earnings per share is expected to 1.8 yuan.
According to the price-earnings ratio of 15 times, the stock price is 27 yuan, the price-earnings ratio of 20 times is 36 yuan, and the price-earnings ratio of 25 times is 45 yuan.
The market is up, and there is no problem with Yanfeng Lithium Industry 45 yuan.
Ningde era price-earnings ratio of 50 times, Haofeng lithium solid-state battery success, price-earnings ratio of 35 times can be expected.
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                                                Big rise only for lifting the ban
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                                                The stock market is just rebounding
Today, most of the stock market's gains are low-priced junk stocks. It is obviously the oversold rebound of the main self-help. Once the rebound is over, the stock market will continue to fall. If you have been quilted, it is impossible to solve the problem. Because new shares are issued continuously, stocks will be more and more, and the internationalization of stock market valuation is an inevitable trend. If you look at the valuation of Hong Kong stocks, you will know that A shares are expensive. No matter how the rebound, the stock price is getting lower and lower is the trend, so the rise is a good time to sell to reduce losses.
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