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                                    Grasping the money-making effect of the theme stocks
On the first trading day after the Spring Festival, the two cities opened slightly lower, and then oscillated upwards. They continued to strengthen under the outbreak of the theme stocks, and the market ushered in a general market. In the afternoon, along with the stabilization and recovery of heavyweights, especially the rise of the securities sector, the index once again exerted its strength, hitting a new high since 2440, and continued to maintain a good rebound trend.

All day, the index opened lower and went higher, continuing the rebound pattern of the previous year. On the disk, the theme stocks were active across the board, the GEM riots, the two trading days before and after the Spring Festival ushered in a big rise, while the weighted stocks were slightly different, the securities sector performed strongly, and jointly stimulated the market's general increase; in the news, the Sino-US economic and trade high level The consultation will be held in Beijing on February 14-15. The high-level consultations concluded before have made good progress. The results of this consultation still have a certain impact on the market. Technically, the Shanghai Composite Index hit a new high and successfully reached the first half of the line. This is a sign of strong market, but short-term transactions. There are still insufficient quantities and repeated demands.

In general, with the release of the risk of “goodwill impairment” before the Spring Festival and the release of the new official policy, the market activity has been greatly improved under the spur of the start of construction, liquidity and new policy expectations. It hit a new high at 2440, and the GEM successfully recovered the 1300-point integer mark. In particular, the surge in the GEM after the holiday season indicates that while the theme stocks are active across the board, their profit-making opportunities have been restarted.Therefore, it is recommended to continue to adhere to the bottom of the warehouse (financial | consumption), focus on grasping the profit-making effect of the theme stocks, and also need to pay attention to the consolidation of the heavyweights.

In operation, remember to chase the high, the midline continues to choose the quality target for the layout, while the short-term can continue to play the stock game, while doing the bargain-hunting and the preparation of the position. On the specific target, low-value blue chip stocks and well-performing growth leaders can give priority attention.
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                                                002460 Yu Feng lithium industry lithium battery faucet first target position 30 yuan second target position 45 yuan
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                                                            002460 Yu Feng lithium industry lithium battery faucet first target position 30 yuan second target position 45 yuan
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