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                                    Open the door, red start, rebound, new journey

A shares "bathing" after the Spring Festival, today ushered in the first trading day of the Year of the Pig. After the market opened slightly lower, it went out of a steady upward trend and broke through the semi-annual line to close Changyang, achieving a good start.

From the perspective of the market, the market's rising quality is very high. The 5G of the main line of innovation growth and transformation has once again strengthened, the fuel cell has risen sharply, the GEM represented by emerging industries is stronger than the main board, the blue chip of the main board has steadily climbed, and the market has risen with moderate price and price. The upswing is not a simple theme speculation, but is based on the logic of a solid fundamental policy support, and the sustainability of its rise is reliable. The first day after the Spring Festival has shown a more mature side. The Chinese stock market has become more solid after one year of age, and the impetuous wind has been greatly reduced. This is a happy event for investors.

After the market closed its Changyang today, the medium and long-term support was fully recovered, and the middle and long-term bottoms were more established. In the end of the year, the dog can firmly hold the stock and dare to bargain-hunt. If the rise in the first stage of the pig year can be firmly held, it will be a foregone conclusion that the good income will be the biggest red envelope. After the successful recovery of the semi-annual line, the technical recovery of the 3200 points to achieve the first phase of the N-type rise is also expected to be achieved.

Opening a door, opened a new journey for A-shares to enter the mid-term rebound!

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                                                002460 Yufeng Lithium Industry The first target of lithium battery is 30 yuan, the second target is 45 yuan.
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                                                Today, most of the stock market's gains are low-priced junk stocks. It is obviously the oversold rebound of the main self-help. Once the rebound is over, the stock market will continue to fall. If you have been quilted, it is impossible to solve the problem. Because new shares are issued continuously, stocks will be more and more, and the internationalization of stock market valuation is an inevitable trend. If you look at the valuation of Hong Kong stocks, you will know that A shares are expensive. No matter how the rebound, the stock price is getting lower and lower is the trend, so the rise is a good time to sell to reduce losses.
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