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                                    The Year of the Pig opens the door to release three positive signals

On the first trading day after the Spring Festival holiday, the Shanghai Composite Index opened slightly lower. The reason for the low opening was to absorb some negative factors (including the release of funds due, etc.), and the adjustment did not last long. After the low opening, the road oscillated upwards and broke through the previous period. High Point2630After the point, I went up all the way, almost took out a male line with bareheads and bare feet, and presented it from the time-sharing chart.45The upward trend of the angle is the best time-sharing form of continuity. From the plate, multi-line flowering,5GagriculturesoftwareLiquor and other sectors are in a general-rising state, and the weights of banks and insurance are lagging behind other sectors but rebounding slightly. The Year of the Rooster has released three positive signals.

Ten-party perspective: Three positive signals for the release of the Year of the Pig

Or look at the weekly line first. Before the Spring Festival, I told you that the weekly trend of the Shanghai Composite Index is ideal, in line with what we said.20Weekly andMACDThe rebound theory, the selection of stocks are selected in this way, the rebound signal in the broader market is also expected to continue to rebound, the weekly line has been formed6Lianyang,5Weekly gold fork20Weekly,MACDContinued red column continues to enlarge, Lianyang is expected to continue.

Ten-party perspective: Three positive signals for the release of the Year of the Pig

And the downturn399006The GEM index also ended the pattern of continued weakness, and a Zhongyang line appeared on Monday.20Weekly line, continuous long legsKLine (weekKLine with lower shadow),MACDIt is also a continuous method of red column after the low gold fork. This is a very important positive signal. The Shanghai Composite Index and the Growth Enterprise Market Index have finally formed a linkage, and there are signs of a joint attack.

The third positive signal is that the risk of individual stocks has narrowed significantly.3,4Home, the number of down limits has been significantly reduced compared to before, and the decline has exceeded5%Not exceeding10Home, and the daily limit of stocks exceeds50Home, so after the holiday, the stocks have been enthusiasm and ignited, and the weights set up (brokers)Bank and insurance), the theme of the stock singing (5GDocument No. 1) This is the most ideal state.

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                                                Lifeng Lithium Industry Lithium-powered faucet First target position 30 yuan Second target position 45 yuan Opportunity to grasp
002460 Haofeng Lithium Industry 719 tons of lithium salt in 2019, solid-state battery mass production, the estimated performance of about 2.3 billion yuan, earnings per share is expected to 1.8 yuan.
According to the price-earnings ratio of 15 times, the stock price is 27 yuan, the price-earnings ratio of 20 times is 36 yuan, and the price-earnings ratio of 25 times is 45 yuan.
The market is up, and there is no problem with Yanfeng Lithium Industry 45 yuan.
Ningde era price-earnings ratio of 50 times, Haofeng lithium solid-state battery success, price-earnings ratio of 35 times can be expected.
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                                                If you go up, you don’t know what sex is.
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                                                If you go up a little, you don’t know what "sex" is? Shouting and yelling? "Zhang Guan Li wearing a few thousand years of posture?"
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                                                Look at <War of Fire. Northwest Wolf> Listen "I am a soldier, from the common people.. . . ." "Can't be a little more, steady, deep, serious, rhyming, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shaanxi, North Songs, singing, singing, great motherland, very Witnessing what is called in the historical period--Oh is the Luyou? At that time, his tourist pattern: passing through the mountains, the twists and turns of the river is listening to the spring water. When slowly flowing into the wheat field, it suddenly broke through the front. The conscious "brain" is a fantasy, and there is a fascinating illusion of a "mirage".
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                                                China is in the midst of the development of the Asian economy in the era of the transition of the world economy. It is necessary to pave the way for "Fangzhengyuan" condensate to gather together with the classic dialects of the countries to "snap" the slogan of the anti-terrorism and fear of "tender privilege" to imitate the excellent quality!嚷嚷 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 汇 ! ! !?
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                                                Was taken by Mr. Jiang Yan! Passionate should be a positive influence!
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                                                One more of the <Wandering Earth> in the Spring Bay season! The word-of-mouth search platoon all the way to the station is a counterattack! Goodbye to Wuzhishan.. . . . .
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Happy New Year! Year of the Pig is auspicious!
Open the door! The stock market is booming!
New shares! The cradle of cattle stocks!
It is the product of the development of the times, the modern needs!
Listing success, like a duck!
Huide Technology (603192) - Polyurethane is an emerging organic polymer material, known as the "fifth largest plastic"
Technological innovation products have reached the level of [international leading, domestic first-class]!
Excellent performance, versatility and bright future!
[Based on the country; go abroad; go to the world! 】
Flourishing! Prosperous!
In the first three quarters of operating income, net profit doubled year-on-year.
The fourth quarter is the peak season, and the harvest is in sight.!
Fully adjusted, the valuation advantage is highlighted!
In the next two years, there will be no worries about lifting the ban (all 36 months locked); it is the ideal medium and long-term line.
Please pay attention! Join on dips; sit and enjoy!
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