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                                    Changyang indicates that the staged rise is on
Disk review:

On the first trading day of the Year of the Pig, the three major stock indexes of A-shares welcomed the opening. In early trading, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes opened mixed, and the GEM and Shenzhen Component Index all went up strongly. The GEM index stood at 1300 points. The Shanghai Composite Index gradually strengthened under the leadership of the former. After a year, it broke through the half-year line again. Individual stocks rose across the board. The two cities fell more than 100 stocks. The weights and theme stocks were all strengthened. The 5G, pork and consumer sectors rose. The effect of making money in the market has emerged, and the atmosphere has continued to pick up.

Hot spot interpretation:

The iron ore plate opened sharply, and Hainan Mining and Hongda Mining both closed the board. Before the Vale announced that some iron ore supply contracts were subject to force majeure, Singapore iron ore futures hit a new high since August 2014. Near midday, Zhengbang Technology, Tianbang, Xinwufeng and other pork stocks closed daily, and African pigs caused the spread of live pigs in the production area of ​​pigs and the resulting capacity to clear up, which became the focus of the market. Related pig breeding stocks also rose sharply due to the reversal of pig prices. The price of liquor in the liquor sector has reached a high level. It is a hot spot in the high-end liquor market during the Spring Festival. The leading wines are welcoming. Today, liquor stocks have closed out of the Yangyang line and have shown strong performance.

Xue Lifeng: The first day of the Year of the Pig, the A-share domineering Changyang indicates that the stage of the rise is on.
Market analysis:

On the first day of the Year of the Pig, the red envelope market was on schedule. The two stocks reappeared in a comprehensive market, continuing the trend of the last trading day before the holiday. The two cities reappeared unilaterally, especially the GEM index was higher and higher. Going up nearly 4% and returning to the top of the 1300 mark.

Technically, both the Shanghai Stock Index and the GEM Index have achieved technological breakthroughs. The Shanghai Stock Index has broken through the recent box and has shaken off the short-term and medium-term moving average system. After half a year, it broke through the half-year line and opened up. The upside, the KDJ indicator is also a cash fork signal; it is worth mentioning that the two GEMs of the GEM have created a new high since January, and broke through the bottom box in a gap mode, while breaking through the 60-day moving average, making each Technical indicators began to improve, MACD in the vicinity of the 0 axis and then cash fork buy signal, indicating that the staged rising market reopened.

Operation strategy:

Although the two cities have risen strongly, the transaction volume has not been significantly enlarged. It is necessary to prevent the market from appearing in the market. However, it is not necessary to worry too much. Just as the strategy given before the festival, it is possible to maintain a 50% position. Can be attacked and retreated can be defended, when the rise can be appropriate to add a position to do some short-term operations, the stagflation consequences of profit-breaking, after the callback again bargain-hunting, the mid-line bottom of the warehouse remained unchanged, to hold the stocks to stay.
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                                                Continue to rise 50 points
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                                                The US stock market fell tonight, and China will open a gap tomorrow and buy it today.
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                                                Today, most of the stock market's gains are low-priced junk stocks. It is obviously the oversold rebound of the main self-help. Once the rebound is over, the stock market will continue to fall. If you have been quilted, it is impossible to solve the problem. Because new shares are issued continuously, stocks will be more and more, and the internationalization of stock market valuation is an inevitable trend. If you look at the valuation of Hong Kong stocks, you will know that A shares are expensive. No matter how the rebound, the stock price is getting lower and lower is the trend, so the rise is a good time to sell to reduce losses.
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                                                In the first week of the opening year, the 100 billion-level ban was lifted.
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Happy New Year! Year of the Pig is auspicious!
Open the door! The stock market is booming!
New shares! The cradle of cattle stocks!
It is the product of the development of the times, the modern needs!
Listing success, like a duck!
Huide Technology (603192) - Polyurethane is an emerging organic polymer material, known as the "fifth largest plastic"
Technological innovation products have reached the level of [international leading, domestic first-class]!
Excellent performance, versatility and bright future!
[Based on the country; go abroad; go to the world! 】
Flourishing! Prosperous!
In the first three quarters of operating income, net profit doubled year-on-year.
The fourth quarter is the peak season, and the harvest is in sight.!
Fully adjusted, the valuation advantage is highlighted!
In the next two years, there will be no worries about lifting the ban (all 36 months locked); it is the ideal medium and long-term line.
Please pay attention! Join on dips; sit and enjoy!
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                                                The understanding of this future trend is as follows
Whether it is technical or fundamental, it reminds us that new and achievements should be greatly increased.
The capacity growth of several new projects is huge, and the performance will continue to grow tremendously. One of the big bull stocks in 19 years!
From the technical point of view, the new and the construction is building the outsole!
First, the chip line:
Whether a stock can rise, the chip line is very important, there is a dense bottom chip, indicating that the dealer has completed the opening of the position, if the top chip is dense, indicating that the dealer has completed the shipment, from the new and into the chip line, near the 45 yuan in January 18, The top chips are intensive and the dealers start shipping. After one year of decline, the current 14 to 16 bookmakers have basically completed their positions. The current chip line situation is that the top chips continue to shrink, and the bottom 15 chips are already dense and stretched to the top to form a chip. Intensive, this is the technical mark of the typical banker's completion.
Second, the indicators are divergent:
Many old investors often say that they are doing stocks...
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Three inches of life :
                                                            The US stock market fell tonight, and China will open a gap tomorrow and buy it today.
                                                You are not good, you can't make money for a lifetime! ! !
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