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                                    Multi-party force A shares ushered in spring

[disc interpretation]After-hours on February 11th: Today, the market opened lower and went higher. At the end of the session, a small Yang line was closed and the trading volume was enlarged. On the face of the disk, the concept of pork, holographic concept, millet concept, smart wear, luxury goods and other sectors rose the most; at the close, the Shanghai index rose 1.36%, and the Shenzhen Component Index rose 3.06%.

Technically, today's Shanghai Composite Index climbed up slightly after the opening, and the market closed at a relatively high level on the day. The market was unilaterally rising throughout the day. Today's market stocks rose more or less, (the number of homes increased by 1,428, the number of homes fell 53), the highest intraday rushed to around 2,654 points, the lowest to explore around 2613 points.

[market analysis]Today's market has ushered in a good start, the market is slightly heavy, once again hit a new high since the rebound of 2440 points. The stock market is a paradise for rational investors and a hell for investors who panic. So before coming to the stock market, let's see which category we belong to. The K-line shows that the bottom of the market has been rising continuously. On the 5th, 10th, 20th, and 60th, a long position has been formed. It has already rushed to the top of the 120-day moving average, and the market has gradually warmed up. The double bottom of the market (2,449 points on the left bottom and 2440 points on the right bottom) has been effectively established and has formed a certain supporting role for the market. As the index continues to rebound, a certain profitable disk needs to be digested, and the Shanghai Composite Index will rise above the 120-day moving average for the first time. Can it be considered an effective breakthrough and need to be reconfirmed, so it needs to be oscillated. Although the market is heavy today, the amount is still not enough. It is best to zoom in to over 150 billion to support the index to continue to attack. The mid-term bottom pattern is becoming more and more obvious, and the view of continuing to maintain the medium-term rebound target above 3000 points remains unchanged. During the index volatility period, it is a good opportunity to adjust the stock exchange. We should not blindly chase the high. If the increase is too large, we can find opportunities to take profits. We will patiently hold the low-end or newly started varieties. .

[Operation Review]Short-term attention to short-term support of 2600 points, short-term pressure of 2660 points to 2700 points. Risks in the stock market are always coexisting with opportunities, pets are also calm, insults are also indifferent, and the current market is treated rationally.

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                                                The cold spring is coming tomorrow
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                                                002460 Yu Feng lithium industry lithium battery faucet first target position 30 yuan second target position 45 yuan
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                                                CLP (Tianjin) Network Information Security; Weishitong Subsidiary; 65.00%; Information Security Product Development, Sales, Integration and Service. CLP and Netan Funds acted as concerted action, totaling 13.89% of NSFOCUS technology stocks.
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                                                Did Li Dazhao come out?
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                                                The understanding of this future trend is as follows
Whether it is technical or fundamental, it reminds us that new and achievements should be greatly increased.
The capacity growth of several new projects is huge, and the performance will continue to grow tremendously. One of the big bull stocks in 19 years!
From the technical point of view, the new and the construction is building the outsole!
First, the chip line:
Whether a stock can rise, the chip line is very important, there is a dense bottom chip, indicating that the dealer has completed the opening of the position, if the top chip is dense, indicating that the dealer has completed the shipment, from the new and into the chip line, near the 45 yuan in January 18, The top chips are intensive and the dealers start shipping. After one year of decline, the current 14 to 16 bookmakers have basically completed their positions. The current chip line situation is that the top chips continue to shrink, and the bottom 15 chips are already dense and stretched to the top to form a chip. Intensive, this is the technical mark of the typical banker's completion.
Second, the indicators are divergent:
Many old investors often say that they are doing stocks...
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