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                                    Can the bullet be added after the market is open?

Disk analysis

Today, the large-cap stocks opened slightly lower, and then oscillated higher, breaking through the suppression of 2630. The daily level formed a new structure. From the overall situation of the market, the theme stocks were fully active, and the market once again showed a general market. From the daily level, the large-cap stock index after 8 trading days in the sideways, the last trading day before the Spring Festival and today's Yang Xian attack, formed a daily-level breakthrough structure, it is likely to open a three-wave market.

A very important phenomenon has emerged in the market today. That is, the pre-existing strong stocks have experienced a certain degree of structural repair, and the high probability will follow the second wave of b-wave rebound. Such as the 5G conceptDongfangtongletter,Bay communicationWait a minute, these early-stage strong stocks have undergone in-depth adjustments, all at the low level of the indicator, showing a strong rebound, and can focus on this type of stock.

Tomorrow's trend

Since the spring market has already started, I will not analyze it with small fluctuations. There must be some small declines on the way to the turbulent climb, but as long as it does not affect the trend of the big pattern, then these small falls are the dishwashing behavior, and the people who are getting off the bus In order to prevent small losses, try not to participate in the reverse T operation of the small fall, so as not to miss the chance to get on the train again.

Therefore, I only analyze the general trend and ignore the small fluctuations. Please let us know.

Due to the good performance on the first day of the opening day, today's Yangxian has a call for the market to wait and see funds. It is expected that the next market will be everywhere, and the hot topic will be relayed.

Position suggestion, you can be a heavy position, the bear market is generally not full, it is to give yourself a retreat, can be 7-8 percent, the middle line stocks can be 4-5 percent, the remaining small positions layout short-term stocks.

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                                                Gradually lighten up!
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