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                                    Magic watch: Is it a forced or sway after Shuangyang?

One sentence conclusion:

For individual stock operations,gemMeansThe number has just been established at the bottom, there is no empty space, at this time can actively select stocks and heavy stocks operation, it is really not only this increase. The detailed analysis is as follows:

Long and short

Before the holiday and after the festival, the two big suns were not clear, and they were launched on the last trading day before the major festival. After the holidays, it was common to go to the air. If we do not strictly follow the quantitative system operation, we will go home for the New Year on January 25th. On the last day before the festival, the system will prompt the establishment of the bullish trend and enter the market. Otherwise, it is a high probability to step into the air. Can not be understood as a fluke, if you can not endure the torment in the previous narrow range of shocks, it is difficult to grasp this comfortable double-yang line, this is fair, the trend of trading is to take advantage of the trend of repeated shocks in the shock. (The pre-holiday review was suspended for a week, but the intraday live broadcast and the combination have been under maintenance)

Whether you are full or short, you need to analyze the disk trend rationally and objectively. As I said in the early stage, it is a real breakthrough for all stocks to be fully active. The biggest highlight here isgemThe index broke through the two major Yangxian lines, and individual stocks were fully active, while the 50 index continued to maintain the 5-day moving average. FromGEMIn terms of numbers, the interval breakthrough establishes the bottom since January 4, and forms a typical double-bottom structure on October 19, which is difficult to determine before the festival. FromThe Shanghai Composite IndexLook, since 2440, we have maintained a good upward trend. Today we have stood on the half-year line and broke through the 2650 mark. We have already passed the previous chip-intensive area. The next pressure is around 2750. The trend is very obvious.

At this time, the upward trend of each index is very obvious. Since the trend is established, individual stocks are fully active. As a trend trader, you can't turn a blind eye. Don't worry about the rising logic. Just look at the trend. Many logics can only be understood afterwards.

At this point, I only care about the two big sun after the forced-empty rise, or the shock climb, this is the main task of the next watch, the live broadcast will always pay attention. For the operation of individual stocks, it is natural to take the initiative to enter the market before or after the system, but the GEM index has just established the bottom, and there is no empty space. At this time, it is possible to actively select stocks and carry out heavy stock operations. This is only a gain.

Above subjective analysis, then look at the objective data:

As shown above, the heat data of the last trading day before the festival suddenly increased sharply, while the long-short system showed a bullish trend, even if the last trading day had to follow the system to enter the scene (prompted in the live broadcast). Today's heat continues to rise to an extreme value of 100 degrees, and then it depends on how long the heat can last, as long as the heat does not significantly decline, continue to carry out heavy stock operations.

Secondly, the market style data has declined from the blue-chip style on February 1st, and the style is gradually switching to individual stocks. If the blue-chips do not fall against the trend, but follow, the overall trend will not have large fluctuations.

According to market sentiment data, the minimum value before the holiday was 23%, and nearly 80% of people were pessimistic. They quickly rebounded to 40% on these two days. It seems that many people are hesitating, and we will calm down when the popularity is crazy again.

In summary, the trend of each index is obvious, and the weakest GEM index has set up a breakthrough in the Yangyang line. There is no doubt in the trend angle. It is only after the two big suns that it continues to push the sky, or it is oscillating. The data angle has established a bullish trend since February 1st. At this time, it is only necessary to see how long the market heat can be maintained at a high level to see when popularity is beginning to go crazy. For the individual stock operation, the GEM index has just established the bottom, there is no time to go, at this time can actively select stocks and heavy stocks operation, it is really not only this increase.

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