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                                    Hundreds of stocks have fallen, is the bull market over?
                                        Today's disk continued yesterday's adjustment. In addition, last night, it was said that it was necessary to strictly regulate the off-exchange fund-raising. The impact on market sentiment was even worse. The high-profile stocks were almost completely annihilated, and there was no resistance at all. But the end of the dayHuayi ElectricOn the floor of the sky, the index shows signs of stabilization, and it is expected that there will be a countervailing of popular stocks tomorrow.

This wave of killing has been going on for five trading days since last Friday, and the adjustment is almost the same. Most of the popular stocks have fallen tremendously. The bear market in the stock game is still the same, not to mention the large number of off-market increments. Money, so it’s reasonable to start the next emotional change, today’sHuayi ElectricIt’s just a pioneer. There should be more popular stocks to stop stabilizing tomorrow. As for whether this stabilizing is a long-term repair or a down relay, we still don't discuss it. If there is any sign of stabilization tomorrow, and next week we can continue the reversal of emotional resampling, then the index is shocked here, and the popular stocks are low. Opportunities can also last for about 1 week. At that time, new concepts will continue to be born and try to launch a new cycle. The popularity will be officially stabilized, otherwise it will continue to fall.

Today's disk downside stocks are more than yesterday, and the daily limit is even less, these are also characteristics of the adjustment period. In the market of incremental funds, the consistency is easy to form. The top is not catching the crazy speculation of hot money. The market is hot. The first one catches the hot money and the market plunges. Recently, I also suffered a lot of losses, blood lessons!

Some friends in the plate asked me, did people who studied market sentiment not look at the market index before? For the sake of me, I have repeatedly reminded me of the trend of the market index. My explanation is that the market sentiment studies the changes in the market. The changes in the mainstream funds are not the same as the stock game stage. After the rich grandfather and aunt enter the market, the mainstream funds are no longer fully in the hot-selling side. Grandfather and aunt are holding huge sums of money, and the impact on the market cannot be underestimated. Since we should study the flow of mainstream funds, the idea of ​​aunt and aunt will naturally pay special attention. However, most of them are looking at index stocks, the index is buying and buying, the index is selling, so we naturally cannot ignore the index. The trend!

Next, the best trend of the index is to adjust the shock, not to fall, then help the funds continue to enter the game, so short-term operation is still expected. In the popular point, for our short-term operation friends, if the market index is on the yellow line, then there is an opportunity for operation. If the white line is like this, it has no operational value. Can refer to the next.

On the surface of the board is mainly large aircraft, new energy lithium batteries, military, venture capital performance, but the overall effect of the mainstream of the concept of making money. This is also in line with the expectations during the adjustment period. The next step is to focus on the market's sentiment in tomorrow's market and the persistence of the next week's sentiment. The rest is basically a cloud. If it is not the stage of emotional repair, even if there are more new concepts. It will not be recognized by the market funds; in fact, the new concept is more difficult, and more complicated, the funds can not concentrate on attacking a hot spot, but the individual after the differences.

Regarding today's batch of 3 liters, 4, I am optimistic about 3 only one left.Oriental ElectronicsStill red, others have been killed, and I am not involved in their game. It is not worthwhile to make a profit in the relay. The final game time of this batch of shares is considered to be yesterday.

Tomorrow's operation is generally based on wait and see, if there is an opportunity to operate in the disk! The next opportunity to be considered first is that the low-stakes game of popular stocks will be pumped back until the next wave of market arrivals.

Published on 2019-03-14 17:28:21
                                                Manufacturing Leading Dongfang Electric 600875: The average line long position is perfect, the performance is excellent, the anti-fall is obvious, the electrical stagflation stocks with serious stagflation, the Zhongjin Huijin Social Security and other funds have long-term heavy positions. At present, the orders in the hands are as high as 120 billion yuan, and the adjustment is in place. Yang pull up!
Published on 2019-03-14 18:58:27
                                                There is no bull market at all, it’s all you are in Hussein! ! !
Published on 2019-03-14 20:52:16
                                                Put a cow fart!
Published on 2019-03-14 21:27:02
                                                My 290 is selling in the green plate, depressed
Published on 2019-03-14 21:43:50
                                                The teacher has worked hard, thank you!
Published on 2019-03-14 22:17:23
                                                You can't connect these publications, look at them.
Published on 2019-03-15 00:33:49
                                                Shanghai Lai Shi... Lose 20 points, Ze Ge
Published on 2019-03-15 08:21:14
                                                It should be a small policy city, and the policy is also a policy failure. It is not a spontaneous market.
Published on 2019-03-15 08:44:11
                                                Comments @李夏禾: Your stock is expected to back
Published on 2019-03-15 09:01:28
                                                Strictly check the hot-selling hot-selling stocks, junk stocks and brokerage stocks, and bullish low-value blue-chip stocks!
From March 2018 to early March 2019, the blue-chip stocks of Baima stocks continued to adjust. The stocks of junk stocks frequently appeared in the stock market. At the beginning of this year, there were 11 times of Daniel’s shareholder communication. There are poems to prove:
Looked at the fundamentals and closed to eat noodles. Study the fundamentals and lose at the starting line. Forget the fundamentals and embrace the big Yang line.
Beginning in late March 2019, A-shares will be on the right track of healthy slow cattle, and low-valued blue-chip stocks will be regained favor. The former poems should be changed to:
Do not look at the fundamentals, close to eat noodles. Leave the fundamentals and lose at the starting line. Keep in mind the fundamentals and embrace the big Yang line.
Since the Shanghai Stock Exchange hit 2440, the low-priced stocks have burned passionately and madly! Many of them have doubled in the blink of an eye, even 10 times.
The A-share bull market has always been to eliminate low-priced stocks and then eliminate the net stocks. Eliminate the big stocks of broken stocks...
Published on 2019-03-15 09:47:54
Shareholder REKxC4 :
                                                            There is no bull market at all, it’s all you are in Hussein! ! !
                                                Can exchange
Posted on 2019-03-15 09:50:38
Shareholders 8CilqG :
                                                            Can exchange
                                                of course
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