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                                    Don't fantasize if you pump back, it is your last chance to escape!

My Scorpio, this wave of GEM has risen by 50%, and the horror, the investors of this big A are too powerful, and the stock market has risen. Everyone is happy to die. Everyone is killing. Eyes, it’s no wonder that for two days without any resistance to killing, everyone is running faster than anyone else.

Don't fantasize, if you smoke back tomorrow, it is your last chance to escape!

Said that the market crash is a big pig by the GEMWen's sharesThe institution fled on its own, it’s really the pig’s weather, when the GEM skyrocketed.Wen's sharesBig rise, it seems that this time the circle is "raising pigs" in the field. When the plunge, the GEM is stepping on. It seems that this time the "killing pig" is called, the image of the good image, hehe! The dragon looked at it. The pig is still going down the limit today. It’s really a rumor. The GEM is going to stabilize.Wen's sharesMust stop falling first.

The market is too sensitive to the two levers. They are all worried about the 2015 stock market disaster. At present, only a little bit of wind is placed in the places where Zhejiang and Guangdong have relatively large capital allocations. The market can fall into this way. If it is confirmed at the national level? I still don't scare the market. In fact, this is also the case. At this point of the current market, it is timely to prevent the risk of high leverage in the market, so as not to cause the tragedy of the year. However, this matter is still sinister and in the bull market. At that time, I didn’t say anything, but now I’m almost out of the way and I’m going out to do two things. This is good. The market adjustment was also moderate and slow. You see, isn’t this just stepping on it?

Don't fantasize, if you smoke back tomorrow, it is your last chance to escape!

This is the case in the market. When it rises, it rises out of anxiety. Falling out of panic....

Venture capital blows many people last night, what piles of technology to replace the mainstream of technology, who knows who to go today, the north of the city can still be awkward, the theme of market speculation has a commonality, when the market sentiment is exciting, The Ming brand may also play a role in fueling the situation. For example, the flexible electronics at that time, the market continues to be crazy after Huawei released the flexible screen mobile phone; but now it is not, the tragic loss effect of yesterday, the consensus of all, the venture capital has become The camp with the first high post after the clear card;

At this time, it is not terrible to cut the flesh. When you are not doing well, I suggest that you calm down first, the stock market will not fall every day, and it will rise. This is the law, right, or it has been bitter with the Royal Dragon Court. That sentence, do not have a line of ALL IN tears, so there is no room for maneuvering behind.

The war dragon said that the most fear is that the market has no resistance to maintain the weakness of the day. The bottom-end funds are entering the scene and watching the heart feel more comfortable. The mood of depression is also comfortable. Today is the short-term speculative player. Man holding left hand yesterdaySecurity TechnologyHolding in the right handEastern NetworkThey are still directly boring at the same opening. This kind of market does not say that they have not suffered a little damage from playing strong stocks. The war dragons do not believe it;

Today's main choice to pull upDongfangtongThe letter is correct, because it attracts a lot of funds to enter the market, bringing a kind of ignition to the market. People who don’t understand don’t say that the leader is not important. In this big market, it is the core. core,People's Network,Minjiang River HydropowerThese can only be regarded as the leader of a branch. If the market picks up tomorrow,DongfangtongIs the letter the first to bear the brunt?

Don't fantasize, if you smoke back tomorrow, it is your last chance to escape!

Here, the war dragon looks at the rebound here tomorrow, but it is only the counter-draw on the way down. Why?

1. From a technical perspective:

In the process of this big wave of market rise, the market has experienced two fake falls. The first small red circle has been adjusted for two days. The market has been forced to empty for one week. The second small red circle market has continued to fall for two days. There has been a two-day surge in B waves; now that the market has plummeted for two consecutive days, is there a long yang? It’s still a few days in a row for Xiaoyang’s forced emptying. It’s not unreasonable for everyone to say this after the close.

Don't fantasize, if you smoke back tomorrow, it is your last chance to escape!

2. From the perspective of market sentiment

The market has been exposed to extreme risks for two consecutive days. The profit of the fund-raising is almost digested. Do you want every trader in the market to be real money, and then continue to lose money? Unless there is mine in the family, let alone in the market with a trillion-volume volume, the desire for tomorrow will rebound.

But the war dragon wants to say something different. If there is a real rebound tomorrow, and the market sentiment is repaired, the high is the best time for you to lighten up and reduce losses. The falling dragon here has not yet fallen, but it is on the way down. One of the counter-pumps, as for where to fall, wait untilDongfangtongThe letter has no influence on this market. When I turn it over, the opportunities I can see are:

First, do the oversold rebound of the leading faucets in this big market, and adjust them in place;

The second is to start the game on the stocks.

Published on 2019-03-15 05:08:47
                                                Conquering the key technology of chip production, folding screen new materials to break the monopoly
300054 Dinglong Shares: Conquering Key Technologies in Chip Production
Established the only domestic and international advanced wafer polishing pad production and research base
The integrated circuit chip has a key process - chemical mechanical polishing, which requires a maximum of 128 repetitions. The internationally advanced chip manufacturer has used the 7-nanometer process technology, and 1 nanometer is equivalent to one thousandth of a hair thread. The difficulty can be imagined. In the past, CMP polishing pads, the key material used in domestic polishing, relied almost exclusively on imports. Hubei Dinglong Holdings Co., Ltd. invested nearly 400 million yuan. After 6 years of hard research and development, it has built the only domestic and international advanced integrated circuit chip CMP polishing pad production and research base, and assumed the national "02 special project".
The release of Huawei's folding screen mobile phone, the flexible display represents the future direction of the display. In order to achieve "soft", an alternative to the glass substrate is flexible...
Published on 2019-03-15 06:20:59
                                                600782 triple the price-earnings ratio, the market value of 18 billion, earned 6 billion this year, earned a listed company in three years. Moreover, if the value-added tax is lowered, it will be a big profit for the blue-chip stocks, and the performance will be further improved. If there is a good dividend, then the price-earnings ratio will be lower after the ex-rights. These two days are eager to try, and they are excellent varieties that can be attacked and retreated.
Published on 2019-03-15 06:44:41
                                                002018 Huaxin Company's controlling shareholder Shanghai Huaxin is planning major issues
There is still uncertainty about the proposed asset swap with the company. The current price is 1.27 yuan
Shanghai Huaxin International Group Honor
6th in the top 100 companies in Shanghai (2017)
No. 1 in the top 100 private enterprises in Shanghai (2017)
3rd in the top 100 manufacturing companies in Shanghai (2017)
No. 1 in the top 50 private manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai (2017)
Published on 2019-03-15 07:46:50
                                                This vertical is at 3,000 points, so don't be bullish at 6000.
Posted on 2019-03-15 08:00:20
                                                The end of the people's congress will not end, the excellent white horse stocks or lead the market
On March 8th, the market fell and adjustments in recent days have laid a solid foundation for the continued market after the people's congress. The end of the people's congress will not end, the style change, the plate rotation will become the main tone of the market, at the bottom, High-performing assets with good performance and high returns will lead the market for a long time. The following performances of Baima's share price have doubled.
600382 Guangdong Pearl, which has the concept of venture capital and science and technology, has a rich share of the largest iron ore mine in South China. It also participates in the smelting of non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals, and becomes a real mineral smelting stock. It is committed to the PPP model cooperation project. The listed companies developed at the land level have sufficient land reserves and are rare ppp model concept stocks; the new energy vehicles have been put into operation, and can be split into the board of science and technology, with the concept of science and technology.
Zhongmu Co., Ltd. 600195 is mainly engaged in livestock and poultry biological vaccines. It has a large net asset, excellent performance and small scale, rich subject matter, and a large number of institutions. It only holds 133 million shares of 002626 Jindawei, with a stock value of about 2 billion yuan.
Shanxi Coking 600740 will increase its purchase of high-quality assets of China Coal Huajin 49% shares, the performance surged 15 times. Shanxi Coking is leading environmental protection and has strong market competitiveness. It will become a good white horse stock for a long time. (Agree to reprint)
Published on 2019-03-15 08:45:48
                                                More money may not be more fun, greed and tiredness have troubles; there are two things in the world that cannot wait, one is filial piety, the other is good deeds, and all are jealous.
Published on 2019-03-15 08:51:54
                                                Strictly check the hot-selling hot-selling stocks, junk stocks and brokerage stocks, and bullish low-value blue-chip stocks!
From March 2018 to early March 2019, the blue-chip stocks of Baima stocks continued to adjust. The stocks of junk stocks frequently appeared in the stock market. At the beginning of this year, there were 11 times of Daniel’s shareholder communication. There are poems to prove:
Looked at the fundamentals and closed to eat noodles. Study the fundamentals and lose at the starting line. Forget the fundamentals and embrace the big Yang line.
Beginning in late March 2019, A-shares will be on the right track of healthy slow cattle, and low-valued blue-chip stocks will be regained favor. The former poems should be changed to:
Do not look at the fundamentals, close to eat noodles. Leave the fundamentals and lose at the starting line. Keep in mind the fundamentals and embrace the big Yang line.
Since the Shanghai Stock Exchange hit 2440, the low-priced stocks have burned passionately and madly! Many of them have doubled in the blink of an eye, even 10 times.
The A-share bull market has always been to eliminate low-priced stocks and then eliminate the net stocks. Eliminate the big stocks of broken stocks...
Published on 2019-03-15 11:25:59
                                                Thousands of stocks limit! The registration system is here!
Published on 2019-03-15 12:59:56
                                                The landlord said that it makes sense, 3000 points, it is not a high position, but short-term running is fast enough, adjustment is inevitable
Published on 2019-03-15 13:20:59
Published on 2019-03-15 13:59:36
                                                Tax reduction on April 1 and reduction of unit pension insurance on May 1st, tax reduction and reduction is a real corporate dividend, and there are many incentive policies. At the national level, the economy is booming, what else can be worried about, too small a family!
Published on 2019-03-15 20:02:37
                                                Who is scared? God predicts, who do you think you are?
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