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                                    The agency actually sold tens of billions of dollars and reduced the new routine!

Today, I continued to plunge. I love the stocks and I am in a bad mood. The tickets on hand don’t have any resistance. I am really tired. Some time ago, the warehouse was full, and now it is full of warehouses; how familiar the taste is, how to change your face!

The GEM plunged 2.5%. This tells us that the number of people who bought it is two hundred and five, or is it that it is two hundred and five?A few days ago, the stock market crashed. In the past two days, the stock market fell and the A shares were so mad.

Our market, all buttocks decide the headIf you go up one day, you will call the bull market. If you fall one day, "the market is over. Let's break up.", let people want to die for a while, and then fall into panic!"

Before the full screen was blowing the bull market, now I was deeply beaten.It is still a familiar A-share, neither a bull market nor a bear market, but a monkey city, jumping up and down... Ming Ming is the Year of the Pig.

Friends teased, this year's stocks still make money, are all empty the current bull market! As the saying goes,Ups and downs, a loss of light;,Painful realization.

The current market is too anti-human, the retail investors shouted, the pork cattle batch, the pork collective down limit; the retail investors shouted, the chip cattle batch, the chip collective down limit; the retail investors shouted, the science and technology cattle approval, the science and technology collective down limit!

Combined with the news that the night agency sold tens of billions and checked the funds, suddenly it was a bit stunned. What is cutting the leeks? Just let them get excited, then play a shuttle... how painful comprehension.

If you fall for two consecutive days, shouldn't you panic?I love the stock, I don’t think it’s necessary, I still remember: When I first started trading stocks, I lost 50,000 and I was so anxious.

Later, I stabilized my mentality, carefully observed the trend of the market, carefully considered the changes in the market, secretly tried to grasp the main trend, and carefully seized every opportunity to dip.After more than a year of sharp operation, I finally lost the principal of 500,000!

1,Huayi Electric,Guodian NanziBoth clarified: "Pan in Power Internet of Things" has no impact on the company

Huayi ElectricThe risk indicates that the relevant matters concerning the “Pan on Power Internet of Things” media report have no impact on the company's production and operation; “four-link”Guodian NanziAccording to the risk, as of now, the relevant matters reported by the “Pan in Power Internet of Things” media have not affected the company's production and operation.

Love stocks comment:Seeing the two big monster stocks risk announcements, remembering the recent paragraphs,I am not, I am not! Shut up, you are, you have... you don’t understand yourself at all..

Huayi ElectricToday, the sky board, keep the fire for the market, and also driveDongfangtongLetters and other demon stocks are rising, this kind of earth board, hanging nuclear button, is definitely a kind of gas!

Now two four-piece board monsters, ran out to clarify, many people are guilty. However, this is a routine operation. Tickets with huge fluctuations will issue a notice of risk, which has nothing to do with the regulatory layer. Moreover, the power of the Internet of Things has just been planned, and it will definitely have no impact on the performance. The speculation is all expected in the future.

Look nowHuayi ElectricFrom the perspective of the Dragon and Tiger List, Foshan Gang is involved in the seesaw, although not much is bought, but the seesaw belongs to four or two, which has driven a certain mood, and how to see the funds tomorrow! of course,Guodian Nanzi,Fudan FuhuaIf you don't leave the board ticket, you should pay attention to the risk tomorrow and be cautious to chase it.

For the steady stock investors, there is no diamonds to live without porcelain. The high ticket will be very ferocious. If you don’t rise, you won’t eat sweet dates. When you fall, you will slap every day.

But Aijunjun believes that the high ticket is almost washed, after all,The cockroach’s enchanting stocks are smashed, and the management of the off-site funds is also managed, and it’s time to close the stalls.If you keep it tight, the fellows really have to run!

2, heavy! The Dragon and Tiger List shows that the agency seats sold nearly 10 billion yuan in 10 days.

The data shows that in this year's Dragon and Tiger list, the number of institutional seats totaled 614 times, with a total turnover of 31.914 billion, of which the purchase amount was 11.805 billion, the selling amount was 20.109 billion yuan, and the selling scale was nearly twice the purchase size. And "net sell" is mainly concentrated this month. The cumulative sales volume in the last 10 trading days has reached 9.336 billion yuan. And whether it is rising or falling, institutional seats are showing a big sell-off.

Love stocks comment:The Shanghai Stock Exchange broke the big news. In the past 10 days, the agency has sold nearly 10 billion A-shares. Do not all say that the organization is empty? It’s so fierce to sell billions of dollars! This is still based on the general footwork of the organization.The agency has put all the chips out, and the hot money retail investors have a high position. Who is stupid?

Institutions are the stabilizers of the market, and they are also value investors who hold shares for a long time. They are also engaged in this kind of chasing and falling, which makes people feel mixed. Moreover, although the institutions are generally vacant, the farming sector has always been a heavy warehouse area. The biggest increase in the number of pork and chicken concept stocks this year is when the institutions are pulling up. Is it like the hot money, the lock-up chips are crazy?

The organization has long sleeves and good dances, but after all, it’s all about making money. And after selling it for so long, it was revealed, and the news of checking the funds was also exposed. It was a coincidence that it was not a book.Is this going to kill the carbine and come back to pick up the chips?

Institutional seats are heavily sold, and high-volume retail investors have a high position. In the case of a lot of new leeks, when the market is enthusiastic, the impact will not be too great, but once it is caught in the stock game, it is cutting the leeks! The A-shares were only 3,000 points, and the leeks were standing guard, and the brokers said that they were 4,000.

3,Little Swan A: It is planned to send 40 yuan for every 10 shares. A total of 2.53 billion yuan will be discovered.

Little Swan AThe announcement stated thatMidea GroupThe matter of converting shares and merging the company was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on March 12, according toMidea GroupThe letter of recommendation, the company's board of directors agreed to implement the interim profit distribution: the company intends to use the company's total share capital at the end of 2018 as the base, and every 10 shares will be distributed 40 yuan, and a total of 2.53 billion yuan will be distributed.

Love stocks comment:HuabaoRear,Little Swan AAfter a large proportion of dividends, the dividend yield reached 8%, killing Moutai Gree, the yield is higher than the trust financing.However, this should be the last time, because the merger of the United States, the cash on the account before the merger, the operation of the slide!

A share listed company dividends, have been played by major shareholders, such asHuabaoThe majority shareholdings accounted for 81% of the shares, and the merger of the United StatesLittle Swan AAfter that, he was able to split more than half of the dividends and became a game for the majority shareholder to turn his right hand.

HuabaoEarned 1.1 billion last year, with a dividend of 2.5 billion;Little Swan AIt also earned more than one billion yuan, dividends of 2.5 billion, once a few years of profit, can be called short-listed companies; can only show that the major shareholders are very short of money!

However, the trend of A-shares is that foreign investors prefer dividends, but leeks do not look good. They prefer listed companies to make high turnover! Because dividends are subject to tax exemption, they are often not worth the candle. Therefore, listed companies are also very aggressive, dividends are short-selling listed companies to raise funds; not paying dividends is the majority shareholder garbage, holding the fund-raising money.

Of course, the regulatory authorities hope to slow down the cattle, and are more willing to see value investment. In order to curb the hype and form a climate of value investment, high dividends will be supported and encouraged.

HuabaoAfter high dividends, it rose nearly 20%.Little Swan AEstimated to have a board; White Horse stocks have to rise, tomorrow's theme wants to rebound, a little overhang!

4, reduce the new routine!Sanqi Mutual EntertainmentMajor shareholders exchange stocks for ETFs without control

FollowingZTEafter that,Sanqi Mutual EntertainmentAlso played ETF exchange. March 14th,Sanqi Mutual EntertainmentAccording to the latest announcement, the shareholder of the Tiantianfu Fund, which holds more than 5% of the shares, has completed the reduction on the 14th. The reduction of the holdings does not exceed 2,214,870 shares, accounting for 1% of the company's total share capital.Sanqi Mutual EntertainmentThe stock price fell 9.84%.

Love stocks comment:ZTEThe fancy cash, which really led to emulation, and blue out of blue is better than blue;Sanqi Mutual EntertainmentThe major shareholder plays the ETF exchange, and even the status of the real controller is no longer. How much do you want to run?

If ZTE wants to stocks, but has no confidence in its share price, it will be replaced by another basket of stocks;Sanqi Mutual EntertainmentThe major shareholder is purely cash, after all, this wave has risen by 80%, and it is not necessary to wait for it at this time! The capital market is naturally well aware, and today it almost fell.

Now the ETF index fund is almost broken by the major shareholders. Although the ETF is redeployed and reduced, it cannot evade the new rules, but it can lock in profits and settle down in advance.

After all, buying the CSI 300 Index, the decline will not be so big, unlike many junk stocks, it is easy to return to the starting point. Therefore, companies that choose ETFs to redeem and reduce their holdings must be particularly vigilant;Because the major shareholders feel that the stock price is too high, we must run at any cost, we still have fun!

5,Great Wall SecuritiesWang Yi: Seeing 4000 points is not Bo's head.

Great Wall SecuritiesWang Yi, deputy director of the institute and chief macro strategist, said that as the first analyst to see 4000 points in this round, he believes that the core logic of this round of market has not changed. Although the market has adjusted in the past two days, it is a normal phenomenon in the rising process. However, the policy intends to cool down the market, which may lead to shorter adjustment time. For investment clues, he is still optimistic about “financial technology”.

Love stocks comment:The chief just said 4000 points, breaking through the new highs... The market has been continuously adjusted back, which is also a reverse vane to Li Dazhao. To be honest, I am skeptical until 4,000 this year;But it will be a bull market, and 3600 points will be seen during the year. It should be possible!

Of course, this market is too speechless, just 3,000 points, the organization will sell nearly 10 billion, the majority shareholder reduction of hundreds of billions, the small movement of supervision, or bear market thinking, is afraid of rising out;So it is impossible to 4000 points this year, I want to scare the leader.

In this market, we all have the ass to decide our heads. When we go up one day, we will call the bull market. If we fall one day, the market will be over. Let’s break up. It’s not reliable than the section of Aijunjun. There is no diamond, don’t take porcelain, let The market is so smoky!

For the stockholders, the most important thing is evolution. If it is still chasing up and down, buying 2,500 points at 4000 points will be the norm; especially the new investors will miss the current bull market. This is not an alarmist.

6, Xugong information, network into the science and technology preparations for the board to create a green channel

This afternoon, Jiangsu Province invited experts from the Shanghai Stock Exchange to instruct the province to provide guidance to enterprises. There are more than ten enterprises in Nanjing. Confirmed from relevant companies, Xugong Information and Netjin Technology are also preparing for the listing of the Science and Technology Board; that is to say, as of now, at least six companies in Jiangsu Province have clearly prepared for the board. The local CSRC has clearly stated that it will open a green channel for the counseling work of the listed companies in the jurisdiction of the board of directors, and quickly handle related matters.

Love stocks comment:Local science and technology board forums are in full swing. Many provinces have dozens of hundreds of choices, the first batch of 3 or 5, and places to open green channels to escort the board of science and technology;The talents of the science and technology board are also on fire, and the brokers are hiring a high salary, and a manager has issued a million annual salary!

In the history of A-shares, the capital market has never been so valued. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, only time can give an answer.

Although the science and technology board is very lively, today the concept stocks have not been fired, and the various shadow stocks have not risen much, mainly because the market sentiment is too weak.

What is certain is that the venture capital unicorn will be the main battlefield in the near future.Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Beibei High-techHanged, but lowFudan FuhuaFour boards,Jialong sharesSecond board, the science and technology board is still expected;At present, it is still mainly speculative venture capital, the stocks of shares, need to wait for the recovery of popularity.

Venture capital tomorrow observationFudan Fuhua Huayi ElectricIf you continue to hold high and hit high, the sector will usher in a passion for speculation; but the focus of the future, in the unicorns participating in the share, you can dig yourself.

Daily market:

A few days ago, I had a paragraph. "Look at the fundamentals, close the dishes and eat noodles; forget the fundamentals and embrace the big Yang line."Now the other way around, not looking at the fundamentals, basically all are eating noodles!Is it the turn of the leek to spit?

A-share theme and white horse stocks, like a pair of men and women who can't fall in love, always like to pass by and look down on each other! A while ago, the stockholders took a lot of money to take a white horse, and they filled the empty space. They began to envy these two days.

Of course, the hot money is not sitting still today, but is actively saving themselves. They are meeting like this:

Xiaocheng Technology: Can't stand it, I will pull up a board and try it.

Retail:Y, Y gave me a seat, and the direct daily limit was --7%.

Huayi Electric: No more soil, leaping from the limit board, and instantly pulled the sky.

Retail: Forced, didn't catch up, don't speak.

Undefeated in the East: The younger brother is on, how can the big brother fall behind, and the tail straight rises.

Retail: Big brother is coming, the market is saved.

NowadaysHuayi ElectricFloor board,DongfangtongThe counterattack at the end of the letter is the only remaining highlight of the market! But the effect is obvious,The price limit of the two cities has been reduced from a maximum of 150 to 100, and a pile of tickets has climbed out.

Tonight's news, there is no substantial positive, but it has come bad.First, the media kicking and blasting institutions reduced their holdings by 10 billion yuan.;The second is to reduce the tide,Double one technologyReduced holdings by nearly 8%,Sanqi Mutual EntertainmentIn order to reduce the holdings, the major shareholders have no control. It is crazy!

Love stocks have watched the tickets sold by the institutions, all of which are popular stocks.Inspur Software,Nets Technology,New WufengWait),Technology stocks power internet of thingsThis wave of operation is too windy, it is estimated that the earned is full!

And reducing the holding is already the norm! As a stockholder, only the fittest can survive. In the near future, it is far from the high-level demon stocks, away from the substantial reduction, and is about to lift the ban. The votes that have been pledgeed are high, and the martial arts are no longer high.

I don’t want to guess the market tomorrow, my heart is too tired.,butIt should be red, because you all understand. Tomorrow 3.15, falling every day, will be faked!

Of course, these two days have fallen continuously to meet 3.15. It is not excluded that the leadership is well-intentioned. This is telling everyone that you are awake, this bull market is fake.

The urine of A shares is,The bull market is a madman, the bear market is a poet, and the market is mentally ill.. Today's poem "Cangjie" is fired:

When you are short,

Sorrow is a small regret,

I am outside,

The main force is inside.

After heavy positions,

Sorrow is a wrong choice,

I am here,

The main force is at that end.


Sorrow is a tight trap.

I am inside,

The main force is outside.

And now,

Sorrow is a call to close the position.

I am here,

The broker is at the end.

It is said that the author is called the loser, too talented.My big A share not only trains scientists, but also produces poets and philosophers. For example, people can't step into the same river twice, but A shares can!

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                                                Conquering the key technology of chip production, folding screen new materials to break the monopoly
300054 Dinglong Shares: Conquering Key Technologies in Chip Production
Established the only domestic and international advanced wafer polishing pad production and research base
The integrated circuit chip has a key process - chemical mechanical polishing, which requires a maximum of 128 repetitions. The internationally advanced chip manufacturer has used the 7-nanometer process technology, and 1 nanometer is equivalent to one thousandth of a hair thread. The difficulty can be imagined. In the past, CMP polishing pads, the key material used in domestic polishing, relied almost exclusively on imports. Hubei Dinglong Holdings Co., Ltd. invested nearly 400 million yuan. After 6 years of hard research and development, it has built the only domestic and international advanced integrated circuit chip CMP polishing pad production and research base, and assumed the national "02 special project".
The release of Huawei's folding screen mobile phone, the flexible display represents the future direction of the display. In order to achieve "soft", an alternative to the glass substrate is flexible...
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                                                I actually smiled.
Published on 2019-03-15 06:44:17
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There is still uncertainty about the proposed asset swap with the company. The current price is 1.27 yuan
Shanghai Huaxin International Group Honor
6th in the top 100 companies in Shanghai (2017)
No. 1 in the top 100 private enterprises in Shanghai (2017)
3rd in the top 100 manufacturing companies in Shanghai (2017)
No. 1 in the top 50 private manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai (2017)
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                                                At first glance, it is known that the gangsters in the past were in the trade, holding down the bank’s stocks, and the bank’s stocks were sold at 30%, and the junk chicken pile index was strange. The strange thing was that the big enchantress fell below 2600. Don't worry, it's safe and easy to be mad at the garbage. In short, the shemale is upside down in black and white.
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                                                More money may not be more fun, greed and tiredness have troubles; there are two things in the world that cannot wait, one is filial piety, the other is good deeds, and all are jealous.
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                                                Written too good to talk
Published on 2019-03-15 09:03:14
                                                Even the mobile phone glass is imported, and the chip is not to mention. It is not the outsiders who lie to the people but the group that is playing the banner of revitalization. Lenovo is a home that sells computers. It is a Chinese people. Huawei is a home that sells communication equipment or a country. When China Telecom installed the phone, users only need 5,000 yuan for the initial installation fee. China Mobile and China Unicom’s mobile The communication is also the same. It’s all the people in the pit. You see that the monthly fee for playing this package is varied.
Published on 2019-03-15 09:07:55
                                                Better than Xiao Yueyue's cross talk, a good day!
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                                                To a large number of stock friends on a letter to eliminate evil
In order to protect the interests of small and medium-sized investors, the stock market will develop in a healthy and orderly manner for a long time, and the stock market will be stable.
Small and medium-sized investors are welcome to participate actively and actively report.
Sweeping black and evil range:
(1) The black and evil forces that threaten the stock market, especially the security penetration of transactions
(2) Manipulating the black and evil forces that undermine the stability of the stock market and change the funds of investors
(3) Using the influence of the stocks, weigh the stocks, black mouth misleading retail investors
(4) tempting retail investors in the process of stock market trading, inciting remarks in the fall
(5) Intervening in the stock dispute, acting as a black and evil force
Reporting number: 12389 12388
Published on 2019-03-15 11:28:12
                                                Zenlayer, the world's strongest edge computing platform, is invested by NSFOCUS! It has been officially announced to be associated with Daheyun. Operates a global edge computing and connectivity platform based on a global 100 data center! Looking around the A-share market, in the field of edge computing, no listed company can challenge the strength of NSFOCUS! Recently, the NSFOCUS ATM released overseas has won the “State of the Art Cloud Security” award from the famous US network security magazine CDM (Cyber ​​Defense Magazine). The new product released the NSFOCUS IDR sensitive data discovery and risk assessment system.
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