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                                    "Check the funds" A new stock spell?

Last Friday, the media exposed the meeting of the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau on the investigation of fund-raising. A-shares plunged more than 100 points, and more than 200 stocks fell.

Yesterday, in the 21st century, the regulatory authorities also called the “checking and matching capital” and crowned it with the name of “real hammer.” The Shanghai Composite Index fell below 3,000 points today, and nearly 100 stocks in the two cities fell.

"Check the funds" A new stock spell?

Although today's index fell more than Friday, but a feature of the disk is worthy of caution: the number of daily limit is rarely reduced to more than 30, which is the first time in the last two weeks, even if it fell by a hundred points last Friday, the number of daily limit in the two cities still has 60 homes.

Investigating the allocation of funds, the regulatory authorities really have to pay attention to the media grievances. This has been two consecutive times, and everyone has seen it.

To be honest, these activities of fundraising may be the normal activities of the regulatory authorities. Last Friday's meeting, there was no public release of the news a few days ago. It is not ruled out that the relevant departments are worried that the market will amplify the negative situation. It is very lethal to market sentiment. The so-called "real hammer" of the key media said that there is nothing new about it. In the long run, today the media reported a match, and another company will report it tomorrow. The content may not be progressing. Every report is in the capital market. Words are black swan, and investors are too hard to defend.

Yesterday, today, some people also interpret the report of matching funds as the supervision department using the media to speak or cool down. This kind of interpretation is completely untenable. If you really want to speak through the media, why didn't you choose the three major newspapers? And chose the 21st century? Yesterday, the three major newspapers followed up, but also the verification after the first 21st century.

Therefore, if there is no standard in similar reports in the future, the media will still report unscrupulously, and its lethality will stop, and it will be even worse.

Now A shares are not afraid of the US stock market plummeting, and they are afraid that the media will scream "check the funds."

Today, the volume of the two cities can be reduced to 800 billion, the mainstream theme is lacking, and the leading investors in the previous periodBeibei High-techDown limit,Zhang Jiang Hi-TechDiving, tumbled the popularity of the venture capital unicorn sector. The shareholding unicorn concept that broke out last nightScorpio environment,Jiangsu Sunshine,Hainan HaiyaoWaiting for the full stop from the daily limit, onlyFudan Fuhua,Zhonglu shares,Jialong shares,Yinyi shares,International industry(shared shares in the fund fund feedback news stimulated)Xinhua Wenxuan,Huaxi SharesSuch as the previous unicorn hot stocks directly fell or plunged. The only bright spot is the performance of the sky in the afternoon.Huayi ElectricSuperimposed the concept of power and venture capital equity, once pulled the boardDongfangtongLetters and other pre-emptive stocks.

"Check the funds" A new stock spell?

The bright spot in the market plunging is that the recent stock market has not been completely annihilated: YesterdayDongfangtongLetter down limit,Beibei High-techDaily limit, todayPeople's Network,Beibei High-techDown limit,All diesel power,DongfangtongThe letter and other demon stocks are still against the market.

Venture capital, tomorrowBeibei High-tech,Fudan Fuhua,Zhang Jiang Hi-TechIt is still a barometer of the plate. Recently, there have been a lot of news on the science and technology board. There are also many shares of the unicorn concept stocks. However, the current market funds are more wait-and-see, and they want to rely on a message to come up.Camel shares,Yuheng PharmaceuticalThese shares in the unicorns are not realistic. However, if the media is eager for the fresh company, if the concept of participation is in the low position, it can participate. Old faces can only see the progress of the first batch of announcements.

The GEM plummeted for two consecutive days. Today, the pork stocks are sold again, the first weight of the GEM.Wen's sharesAfter the daily limit yesterday, it fell nearly 9 points today. So, the GEM index is completely dominated by the "pig". Many of the funds earned in the pigs are full, and the road is unambiguous. Hope Tomorrow, the pork sector will not be dragged on the back of the GEM.

The technology continues to adjust today, the only one is not a new hot spot - the overall performance of the charging pile plate is good.Snowlet,Fu Lin Seiko,Tyre,Yingkari,Hekang XinnengWaiting for the daily limit, if there are two consecutive tickets for tomorrow, you can pay attention to the other rear rows. After all, 5G, Industrial Internet, Internet of Things and other rounds have copied a few waves. In the past two days, the lithium battery sector has recovered overall (the lithium carbonate battery route recovery is expected to be special. Sla andNingde eraIn the case of anecdote and other news stimuli, it is logical to speculate on the charging pile (previously the media reported that the new energy may directly supplement the electric pile in the future). In addition, the fuel cell, almost every day has a daily limit, but the sector is very different, such as todayLions Technology,Houpu sharesDaily limit,Xiongyi sharesHowever, it is approaching the limit, and the funds still like to make low votes.

Edge computing todayNets TechnologyAnd software in the armyChinese softwareIt’s all against the market, the technology stocks, and Huawei’s smart home and Internet of Things news at night, and see if the funds will take advantage of the counterattack tomorrow.

The military and aviation sectors performed well today, mainly because of the news that the Boeing incident was superimposed on the increase in US defense military spending.

At the heavy press conference tomorrow, will a reporter ask the stock market? let us wait and see.

Today, a poem is very hot and I share with you:

"Check the funds" A new stock spell?
Published on 2019-03-15 05:07:55
                                                Conquering the key technology of chip production, folding screen new materials to break the monopoly
300054 Dinglong Shares: Conquering Key Technologies in Chip Production
Established the only domestic and international advanced wafer polishing pad production and research base
The integrated circuit chip has a key process - chemical mechanical polishing, which requires a maximum of 128 repetitions. The internationally advanced chip manufacturer has used the 7-nanometer process technology, and 1 nanometer is equivalent to one thousandth of a hair thread. The difficulty can be imagined. In the past, CMP polishing pads, the key material used in domestic polishing, relied almost exclusively on imports. Hubei Dinglong Holdings Co., Ltd. invested nearly 400 million yuan. After 6 years of hard research and development, it has built the only domestic and international advanced integrated circuit chip CMP polishing pad production and research base, and assumed the national "02 special project".
The release of Huawei's folding screen mobile phone, the flexible display represents the future direction of the display. In order to achieve "soft", an alternative to the glass substrate is flexible...
Published on 2019-03-15 05:40:16
                                                Premium potential stocks:
1.601838 Chengdu Bank, the small capital stock, the low price-earnings of the city bank sub-new shares, the stock price is underestimated compared to other banking stocks!
2.600987 Airline shares, the production capacity ranks second in the industry, the industry leader is less than 9 times the price-earnings ratio, the bottom volume!
3.300054 Dinglong Co., Ltd.: integrated circuit chip design, flexible display substrate material stock, folding flexible OLED screen material to break foreign monopoly, the company is a national innovation model enterprise, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology manufacturing single champion company and Hubei stealth champion enterprise, good performance, low price-earnings ratio Technology stocks.
Published on 2019-03-15 06:43:38
                                                002018 Huaxin Company's controlling shareholder Shanghai Huaxin is planning major issues
There is still uncertainty about the proposed asset swap with the company. The current price is 1.27 yuan
Shanghai Huaxin International Group Honor
6th in the top 100 companies in Shanghai (2017)
No. 1 in the top 100 private enterprises in Shanghai (2017)
3rd in the top 100 manufacturing companies in Shanghai (2017)
No. 1 in the top 50 private manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai (2017)
Published on 2019-03-15 07:11:40
Published on 2019-03-15 08:39:18
Published on 2019-03-15 08:45:27
                                                Take the allocation of funds as a means of ridicule, and you are not equipped with
Published on 2019-03-15 08:56:32
Published on 2019-03-15 09:03:11
                                                Strictly check the hot-selling hot-selling stocks, junk stocks and brokerage stocks, and bullish low-value blue-chip stocks!
From March 2018 to early March 2019, the blue-chip stocks of Baima stocks continued to adjust. The stocks of junk stocks frequently appeared in the stock market. At the beginning of this year, there were 11 times of Daniel’s shareholder communication. There are poems to prove:
Looked at the fundamentals and closed to eat noodles. Study the fundamentals and lose at the starting line. Forget the fundamentals and embrace the big Yang line.
Beginning in late March 2019, A-shares will be on the right track of healthy slow cattle, and low-valued blue-chip stocks will be regained favor. The former poems should be changed to:
Do not look at the fundamentals, close to eat noodles. Leave the fundamentals and lose at the starting line. Keep in mind the fundamentals and embrace the big Yang line.
Since the Shanghai Stock Exchange hit 2440, the low-priced stocks have burned passionately and madly! Many of them have doubled in the blink of an eye, even 10 times.
The A-share bull market has always been to eliminate low-priced stocks and then eliminate the net stocks. Eliminate the big stocks of broken stocks...
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