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Published on 2019-05-15 11:18:35 Share it web version
The first two rounds of inquiries were returned
The Shanghai Stock Exchange released a second round of inquiries from the company's micro-core biologists yesterday. This is the first of the 29 companies in the second round of inquiry. The Shanghai Stock Exchange said that the second round of inquiries will be more prominent, more focused on key issues, and more focused on revealing risks. The method of questioning in the second round of inquiries is also more streamlined and more integrated. The second round of inquiries by micro-core creatures, the number of questions was 14, which was significantly less than the 41 questions in the first round of inquiries.

From the content point of view, the second round of inquiries is mainly for the first round of inquiries, the issuer's property and technological advancement, the issuer's compliance with the conditions of issuance and listing conditions, legal compliance and financial authenticity in information disclosure. Whether the major risks such as the risks inherent in the growth and development of science and technology enterprises are clear, clear, and whether the relevant information disclosure has reached the full, consistent and understandable requirements.

According to the rules of the board of directors, the audit inquiries can be conducted in multiple rounds. After the second round of inquiries, if the SSE believes that it still needs to continue to inquire, it will conduct multiple rounds of inquiries within the prescribed time limit; if it does not need to continue to inquire, it will enter the review meeting in accordance with the rules and procedures to form a preliminary review opinion. The follow-up of the municipal party committee review and the registration of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.
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