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The first batch of science and technology funds have already built 5 warehouses.
The issuance of 86 Science and Technology Funds is on the way, and the first 7 companies have started to open positions. Industry insiders said that the recent market volatility has intensified, and TMT and other industries have experienced large declines. The new fund is likely to aim at this opportunity to low-suck, waiting for the opening of the board.
A large number of science and technology funds are on the way
According to the data of the Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center, as of May 10, the CSRC has received but not yet issued a total of 86 science and technology theme funds and science and technology board funds, and 7 products have been issued, totaling 93. On the same day, the number of science and technology board enterprises accepted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange was 108.
"Golden Securities" reporter noted that among the 86 science and technology funds currently pending approval, 6 are standard stock funds, 25 are partial stock funds, and 55 are flexible allocation funds. Specific to fund companies, E Fund and Wanjia have accepted the largest number of science and technology funds to be issued, 5; Jiashi is 4; Penghua, Huaan, Guangfa, Guolianan, Central Europe, and China Merchants are all 3.
In addition to reporting and issuing science and technology funds, the reporter learned that a number of public offerings are also preparing to allow stocks to participate in this market. It is reported that the ordinary partial stock fund investment board does not need special preparation, the original trading system can be used directly. There are also public offerings to transform some small-scale hybrid funds into “fixed-income” categories, and the new investment is the main investment direction.
The private equity fund is also in a hurry. The "Golden Securities" reporter inquired about the fund industry association's filing data and found that since the first batch of science and technology board declaration enterprises announced on March 22, 11 privately funded securities products with the words "Kechuang" have been successfully filed. The earliest filing time was a product of Shenzhen Grace Investment Management Co., Ltd., which was completed on March 25.
"Private and public offerings are different. They need to be raised before they can be reported. A large number of privately-owned science and technology products are being applied for or will be filed. It is estimated that there will be an intensive period at the end of the month." A private equity person in Shanghai told reporters that he Three Kodak products submitted their filing applications this month, and they knew a little bit of private placements. "There is no new product that is not new."
Now is a good time to open a position
Since May, A shares have fluctuated sharply. The first batch of 7 science and technology funds that were just established are quietly opening positions.
On May 8, Harvest's Kechuang theme fund contract took effect. On May 7, the science and technology theme fund of five fund companies of Huaxia, Huitianfu, Fuguo, South and ICBC Credit Suisse was established. Together with the E Fund Innovation and Innovation Fund established on April 29, the first batch of 7 Science and Technology Funds were established.
"Golden Securities" reporter noted that as of May 10, ICBC Science and Technology Innovation 3 years unit net value of 1.0001 yuan, Huaxia Science and Technology Innovation A unit net value of 0.9999 yuan, Fuguo Science and Technology Innovation Unit net value of 0.9999 yuan, Southern Science and Technology Innovation A unit net value of 0.9999 yuan Yifangda Technology Innovation Unit has a net value of 0.9991 yuan. The net value of Huitianfu Technology Innovation A and Harvest Technology Innovation Unit did not fluctuate, still 1 yuan.
“The fund that is in the closed period of construction will publish a net value every weekend, and will not disclose the net value normally until the application for the redemption. From last week’s data, there are 5 science and technology funds that have already opened positions, and the speed is very fast, with a high probability of 7 this week. The net value of the fund will fluctuate.” A public fund person in Shanghai told the “Golden Securities” reporter that public offerings have their own pace of opening positions, generally ranging from three months to six months. In the current context, new funds are unlikely. Once you complete a position, you will only adopt a gradual buy strategy. However, the recent market volatility has intensified, and TMT and other industries have experienced large declines. These science and technology funds are likely to aim at this opportunity for low-suction, waiting for the opening of the board and the overall rebound of the market.
The above-mentioned private equity executive also told the "Golden Securities" reporter that the current market valuation is in a reasonable range. With the countdown of the science and technology board, the valuation of the technology industry and trading activity will increase, "for some of the recent declines in quality For the company, it is better to open a position now."
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