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Published in: 2018-04-16 17:24:04
Yuhui Battleship V5 interviewed by the stock bar: Three-point speculation on the new economy--unicorns, sub-new shares, technology stocks

Interview time:4month18day16:00-17:00

After the Spring FestivalThe A-share market style has changed significantly, from last year's value investment to theme stocks and growth stocks. The “new economy” and “unicorn” have become the biggest strategies for supervision. Does this mean leaving the original hype? Will the blue-chip white horse step into the rest period?

Is this year the world of growth stocks?

The warship believes that the market as a whole belongs to the stock game situation, that is,In 2018, it is still dominated by structural market. Since it is a structural market, there will be structural bears in the structure of cattle. Last year, the blue-chip and the white horses were brutally grown for a year, resulting in eight blood flows into the river, which means that one will become a bone, and The increase is much the biggest negative. If it falls more, it will become the biggest advantage. The factors supporting the strength of the elephant stocks have weakened or disappeared. On the contrary, small and medium-sized enterprises will make a difference in the strategy of “building an innovative country”. The correct investment strategy for investors in 2018 should be “grasping small enlargement”.

This year's market main line will be implemented by the new economic concept. Warships should see more opportunities in the following aspects:

First, the unicorn concept

Due to the huge price difference between the primary and secondary markets, the unicorn is evenA-share listing, I am afraid to overdraw its intrinsic value when trading in the hands of retail investors, so the speculation of the unicorn concept should also be tapped from the participation and venture capital categories, such as Foxconn concept, Xiaomi concept, ant gold clothing concept, etc. And pay attention to the concept of speculation, or speculation.

Second, the new shares sector

After the Spring Festival this year,The IPO issuance speed has slowed down noticeably. In addition, the new audit committee strictly controls the quality and forms a medium- and long-term positive for the new sub-sector. The new shares are clean and the plates are small, which is easy to get the main funds. So there are many trading opportunities. However, there are too many new stocks, and the investors can start from the following directions: 1. Technology stocks and consumer electronics; 2. High delivery; 3. Low valuation.

Third, China Core and the Internet+

The future world is the world of technology. Technology must be based on large-scale integrated circuits and the Internet, and it must become one of the most active branches of growth stocks. Zhaoyi Innovation, Jingfang Technology, Jingjiawei, Huiding Technology, Tongfu Microelectronics, etc. China Core was placarded by the National Fund, and the second phase of the Big Fund will help the IC industry to break through. This is a policy dividend and can be expected. There are many mid-line varieties. And the internet+ The new application should also be the focus of investors' attention, such as 5G, blockchain and so on.

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