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Published on 2018-04-18 15:02:38 Share it web version
                                    (Original) 20180418 single needle bottom, short-term rebound can be expected
                                        Today, the three major stock indexes were opened higher, but they quickly fell back. They rebounded in the afternoon and both closed their long shadows. The rebound of the GEM was the strongest, which was in stark contrast to yesterday's weakness.
The rebound of the Shanghai Stock Exchange today formed a 60-minute bottom structure, and the daily line also had a passivation of the secondary bottom structure. The rebound of the strong GEM today has no time-sharing structure, which is often said to be the bottom. The adjustment of the GEM began at the top of the daily line. Today's rebound can be seen as a rebound wave on the way down. There should be a process of constructing the bottom structure. The new low is naturally a high probability.
The Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Growth Enterprise Market still have differentiation. The SSE bottoming process is ahead of the GEM. If you want to achieve the synchronous resonance between the stock indexes, the SSE will wait for the footsteps of the GEM to jointly pour the bottom, or the GEM will accelerate the bottoming to catch up with the Shanghai Stock Exchange. But no matter from which aspect, the three major stock indexes are currently in the process of constructing the bottom. Our position can be maintained at 3-5 percent. Once the bottoming is successful, we will choose to add positions.

In the analysis of financial statements, we should focus on their brands and their right to speak upstream and downstream for consumer companies. The importance of the brand is reflected in the sales expenses, including advertising and marketing. Only by increasing sales investment can we gradually establish our own brand image. Cosmetics, medicines, etc. all have a large amount of advertising sales expenses.
However, the analysis of sales expenses cannot be singular, and the cost is not as high as possible. It is important to observe the effect, that is, to spend money to play the role, the specific reflection is the increase in income such as revenue, gross profit and advance receipt. . Otherwise, the increase in marketing expenses is a failure.
For the upstream and downstream discourse rights, we have also analyzed before, mainly reflected in the upstream payables and prepayments as well as the downstream receivables and advances. If the upstream pays more, the voice is stronger, and if it is downstream, the pre-receipt is more, then the voice is stronger.
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