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Published on 2018-04-18 15:21:32 Oriental Fortune Network Android Edition
                                    Today's index is not broken, after hitting a new low of 3041, the funds have been shot, and the Chinese core in the morning is led by the leader.
                                        Today's index is not broken, set a new low of 3041, the funds have been shot, the Chinese core led by the leader in early trading, technology stocks have rebounded. The main board of the main board received the long shadow line of the fake Yin Yin Yang, and confirmed the bottom again. The only thing missing is that the amount can not be amplified when it rises. It is expected that there will be repeated in the short term, and the disk will be cleaned again by wide fluctuations. Although the main board today did not touch the 5-day moving average, the weekly line would be able to recover 3140 points this week. The market will re-stabilize and reverse. The motherboard pressure will be 3120, 3150 tomorrow. Support 3080, 3050. As I said, this round of the GEM has not yet finished. Today's GEM is stronger than the motherboard and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. After two consecutive weeks of adjustments to the GEM, today, after stepping back on 1757, it reversed upwards. The daily line has successfully recovered a number of moving averages, the annual line, the half-year line, and the 5-day line. In time-sharing, 1821 became a strong and weak watershed. Although the 5th line has not yet turned around, but it can stand 1820 in this week, it will have hope again after hitting 1927. From the motherboard and GEM indicators, this week should be the adjustment window. Next week is the counterattack time. At present, the state is dominated by high holdings and low holdings.
Published on 2018-04-18 22:08:06
                                                From today, the index will not fall, do not believe that walking, as long as the Sino-US trade war is not over, the Shanghai Composite Index is absolutely cattle!
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