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Published on 2018-11-08 16:38:09 Share it web version
                                    The road to returning value is still very long...
                                        What impact will the launch of the Science and Technology Board have on the market? First of all, from the overall market, the launch of the science and technology board will increase the stock supply of the entire market, and need more funds, so obviously it is bad for the whole market, and how the registration system is implemented, how is the price of the issue determined? This makes the market's judgment on the science and technology board full of uncertainty. For the uncertainty, the market must choose to vote with the foot, first go first, so this is also an important reason for the market to fall.
In fact, the impact on the market is actually not so big. The current market is in a very low position. If the market itself is very highly valued, then the introduction of the registration system will have a significant impact on the market valuation. As a result, the entire market began to fall due to the switching of valuations, but this is not the case now, but the valuation itself is very low, and there is no way to fall. Even the most affected GEM is the same, the valuation itself is already quite low. The possibility of a big fall is very small. It should be said that the impact on the market now is more psychological, not substantive.
If there are some companies that must be listed, then whether it is a board-based board, a GEM or a motherboard, there is not much difference in itself. The registration system is indeed a new thing, even if there is no direct registration system, In essence, there is little difference. After two years of crazy IPO, the current listing interval is very small. In essence, it is also a disguised registration system, but the name is different.
Of course, if the impact is the biggest, it is still the value of the shell. In the A-share market, speculation and speculation has always been a reality. The value of shell resources has always been one of the value of listed companies, but with the registration system Launched, this value will completely disappear into zero.
From the perspective of the enterprise, as long as the company continues to operate and the income and profits continue to increase, the value of the enterprise will increase, and the stock price will rise. This has nothing special to do with the registration system, and it has nothing to do with the science and technology board. Relationships are only related to the company. This is also the original intention of our investment. As long as the company continues to be excellent, the stock price rise is only a matter of time.
Published on 2018-11-08 16:46:58
                                                [Don't blame what is falling and no fall
Published on 2018-11-08 16:59:39
                                                When the market is at its lowest, it is often the time when opportunities arise. All the market is produced in despair, rising in hesitation, and dying in madness. Now the stage of the market is at the bottom of the market, and the market has already emerged from despair, and now it is in the stage of rising in hesitation. Many investors still have doubts about the market outlook and do not dare to increase their positions. At this time, when the market is starting to take place, they will seize some of the white horse stocks that have been killed and the real growth stocks for the layout. This is the response to this round. The best strategy to bounce the market. "Opportunities will only give a prepared mind." Recently, institutional funds and foreign capital have inflowed a lot, and many retail investors are leaving the market. This is a very pity, and it is very sad. It is recommended that ordinary investors should stick to value investing at the bottom of the market, overcome fears, and actively seize some high-quality stocks to seize the opportunity of market recovery.
Published on 2018-11-08 17:21:31
                                                Engage in technological innovation should be for the benefit. If it goes through listing, it will gain huge benefits in one step. Who else has the motivation to continue to innovate?
Published on 2018-11-08 18:39:19
                                                Value return? Do not talk on the 5th line. The stagflation, the stock market is seriously short of money. I don't even say that I cater to the stock market and operate at the trend of the trend. I don't believe it.
Published on 2018-11-09 06:55:35
                                                Ask: 002072 Kairuide stock long-term horizontal volume in the 6 yuan up and down the obvious, the total share capital of 180 million; characterized by the total market value is not long-term heavy volume average 15% / day, around the people said that the stock at the bottom long-term heavy volume do not know in What to wait for, with short-term value (shell resources). Ask everyone to point out that this stock will become a bull stock in the future? Please give suggestions, thank you. Note that I am asking for advice, not recommending not to believe in his words, to remind the stock market that venture capital needs to be cautious.
Published on 2018-11-09 08:09:32
Little Tiger LN :
                                                            [Don't blame what is falling and no fall
Posted on 2018-11-09 09:10:05
                                                The registration system is going to be made soon. Why do hot money hot up the junk stocks and ST stocks? ? ?
Published on 2018-11-12 00:57:31
                                                The sign at the bottom of the market: new shares stopped, Maotai bottomed out.
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