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                                    (original) 2019111 differentiation and synchronization

The first thing to say, IAThe recent finishing has nothing to do with the outer disk, the outer disk5Lianyang, we continue to oscillate around the trend line. The pattern of this rebound is that the large-cap stocks are stronger than the small-cap stocks, and the main board is ahead of the GEM. Whether it is from the rebound strength, the resilience strength or the average line relationship can prove this.

Structurally, the stock index is also divided. Of course, this differentiation is also a small differentiation under the large pattern. The big pattern here means that the three major stock indexes have their own weekly bottom structures. The small differentiation refers to the unsynchronization of the three major stock indexes from the daily line to the time. Among them, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks are more consistent, and the GEM is unique.

First look at the daily line, Shanghai and Shenzhen also have the bottom structure of the neighboring daily line, and at the same time stand on20The daily trend is currently in line with the strong consolidation, and does not rule out the process of finishing the second wave. Since the GEM has not been able to adjust the new low, it naturally does not have the bottom structure of the daily line. On the one hand, the GEM is strong, but on the other hand, the lack of a GEM daily line structure will greatly reduce the rebound in the future. The GEM still does not stand on20The daily line is a strong proof.

In terms of time sharing, the recent adjustment comes from the time-sharing top structure of the three major stock indexes.5-15At the top of the minute, the GEM has30At the top of the minute, from this point of view, the GEM is even weaker.

The adjustments that have lasted for many days have basically completed the adjustment task at the top of the time-sharing. Today, the three major stock indexes have both5Minutes of the bottom structure resonance, may end this adjustment at any time.

In general, the main task completed this week is that the three major stock indexes form the bottom structure resonance of the weekly line. Of course, it is only formed after the follow-up confirmation is established. If the weekly structure is established, it will support a rebound cycle of about half a year, so2019The first half was warmer.

Next week, an important point is that after the stock index has been adjusted,20The daily impact of the daily line, whether it is possible to stabilize the short-term trend is the key to this rebound, and only to stabilize the short-term trend, can we60-120The medium-term trend is moving forward.

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