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Published on 2019-02-11 15:53:28 Share it web version
                                    A-share pig year new weather

Market intelligence:

The first trading day of the opening year showed a very good momentum, rising 35.67 points or 1.36% throughout the day, successfully standing on the long-term 120-day average price line on the K line, and more beneficial is the amount of energy is also very Compared with the average of the previous quarter, this amount is just right, just right. After the completion of the time-for-space repair of the daily K-line structure, it is not necessary to have a large amount of the long-term average price line. If the amount can be released too quickly, it will be too much to play, so that the just right amount is more active and stable.

What is even more gratifying is that the GEM index showed momentum after the rise of the index. The GEM index rose by 44.83 or 3.53% throughout the day, not only successfully standing on the 1300-point integer mark, but also successfully surpassing the medium-term average price. Line, it can be said that the main board market led the GEM index to successfully exit the haze. Although the GEM index is the leader in terms of a single trading day, the motherboard has played a significant driving effect in terms of technical structure. Without the efforts of the board before the festival, there will be no lead in the GEM index.

In summary, the A-share opening year can be described as a new year's new weather, because it is entirely beneficial and multi-party by counting the number of stocks and the number of individual stocks rising, especially the short-term capital activity average of over 50 homes. Nearly 80 daily limit in a single day is very encouraging morale.

From the technical conditions to derive the next trend, the Shanghai Composite Index will still play a leading role, because it has already led the GEM index to cross the long-term average price line on the daily line. Whether it can be able to hold the quantity will be crucial. Continue to increase the amount, only need to continue to maintain the quarterly average, the last quarter average and the 60-day average in a single daily amount. It is necessary to know that the deduction pressure of the 120-day average is not large, and the corresponding average line is passed. In the next deduction track, there are at least 20 trading days without too much pressure.

Of course, if there is a reduction based on a single daily amount, then the index will be back to the risk confirmed by the 120-day average, but as long as the three consecutive trading days are reduced to the previous quarter, the current quarter, the 60-day average There is no need to be afraid of the single day amount. The pressure is a good opportunity for the low position. The bottom structure has been completed, and the market will enter the stage of building the trend market. The pressure adjustment in this stage is a good opportunity.

In fact, in the face of such a market, investors who believe in continuing to pay attention to this column should be very happy. Before the festival, this column lists the reasons why the top ten can hold shares. If you see that these ten reasons are not enough, then This kind of sharp rise in the market will only be seen.

Opportunity intelligence:

Then, whether it is a trend investor or a speculative position, the position can be gradually improved. With the adjustment of the pressure to carry out a positive strategic and tactical layout, the trend investors run away from the stocks with very high profit margins, continue to participate in those low-level repairs, and the recent heavy volume Obvious individual stocks are going up, remember not to participate in pure shredded stocks, these stocks will go down the old road to the delisting point, our market has opened this door, I believe everyone should be very clear That stock.

For speculators, you can grasp the leading stocks with clear themes, such as the 5G sector in the first trading day of the opening year. The daily limit is the recognized leader, the leader is the leader, it is easy to rise and difficult to adjust. Those who rise up and adjust quickly, speculators must resolutely evade.

Finally, I will give you a happy New Year, and I wish you all the best in the Year of the Pig!

The stock market is risky, investment needs to be cautious, this column is for reference only!

Posted on 2019-02-11 19:56:40
                                                In the first week of the opening year, the 100 billion-level ban was lifted.
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