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                                    Grasp the market, keep up with the rhythm

Zhou and his line of affairs are stronger than expected, and the door will be opened after the Spring Festival in 2019! In the short-term upswing period and the rising time and rising trend of the daily line, the index quickly strengthened, and the index went up all the way. Under the pre-holiday suppression, the epidemic began to break out after the holiday. Today, the Shanghai index rose 1.36%, the highest position. Closing, closed at 2,653 points, the GEM rose 3.53%, and the big yang rose to 1316 points. The amount could be enlarged compared with the pre-holiday. The funds gradually returned to the position of the track under the upward trend of 2440 on January 4 The fifth round of bull market in the history of A shares.

The stocks in the intraday stocks were quite active, and many sectors have been pulled up. The market is full of sentiment and the stocks of the two cities are up and down. At the close, individual stocks showed a general upward trend, with only 100 stocks falling in the two cities. On the hot spot, the communication sector that has been repeatedly emphasized before the festival continues to break out, and the 5G sector is the first to rise.Bay communication(603220),DongfangtongLetter (600776)Jialitu(603,912) and other multi-strand daily limit, the performance of the annual report market pre-increased and high-sending expectationsFirst spirit information(300250),Lida Optoelectronics(002189) Three-connected board, oversold low stocks continue to break out, new energy wind power and photovoltaic are also hot spots today.Silver Star Energy(000862) Four-board, driving the wind power plate collectively strong,Moen Electric(002451),Huayin Power(600744) and other multiple daily limit;

Technically, the daily rising time and rising trend continued, and the closing time of the closing day rose from 49% before the holiday to 54%, and the rising trend rose from 68% before the holiday to 72%. The rising market has not changed, and the bull market in the fifth round of the medium term continues.

On the moving average, after the pre-holiday sideways, the twisting and sawing operation of the horizontal plate is completed, the over-balance of the moving average is basically completed, and the long-term entering the moving-line system starts to walk, so the steering of the moving-line system has basically been realized. At present, on the 5th, 10th, 20th and 30th, there is a bullish structure. The 30-day moving average has stopped falling, which is an important signal. The 60-day moving average also began to stop showing signs of turning. The multi-head system will be gradually improved.

However, it should be noted that this wave market is different from the previous 2014-2015. The fifth round of the bull market will be stable, and it will be a slow-paced market. The time span will be longer, so it will take a second or a step. The third retreat is a high-probability mode of operation, and the entire rising market will not change. Therefore, in the absence of chasing, bargain hunting is an opportunity.

Short-term view, today's close, 5 minutes trend and time continuous high position overbought operation, 15 minutes rise time overbought high position, the trend high is overstaying, 30 minutes overbought is oversold, the upward trend rose to 87% Position, 60 minutes of rising time overbought, the upward trend to 72%, from these points of view, the short-term is not suitable for chasing up, continue to rise will face the retreat after entering the third.

On the weekly line, the first weekly pressure on the rise of 2440 points is near 2,672 points, and the distance is not large. It is necessary to wait for the next step at 2670 points.

The 60-minute uptrend is not far from the orbital pressure line, so it is better to avoid chasing around the pressure line.

Tomorrow pressure on 2660-2670 on Tuesday. Support attention near 2635-2640

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