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Published on 2019-03-14 09:18:29 Share it web version
                                    Old nine talks: 3-14 market analysis (adjustment)

Yesterday, the market information advertised the upper level to check the allocation of funds. After all, the old news has yet to be confirmed. Today, the short-term market can still lightly index the stocks, but it needs to select the stocks and control the rhythm. The strong stocks will continue to launch the knockout, and follow the trend. Opportunities mainly go to the hotline of the main line to find out when the stocks are different, and the non-mainline hot stocks should rise to focus on high throws. The main line still has to look at science and technology and technology, brokers and other financial weights are mainly used to regulate the index, if there is more, there will still be funds to protect.

Today's exclusion of the news, I think today's market support position is around 2976 (to prevent a deep adjustment in the plate and also support the position near 2912!) Today's pressure position is around 3046, today theoretically small V trend, today's intraday first Under the temptation and then small back pumping, the market today theoretically accepts Xiaoyin Xiaoyang all day!

Keywords: continue to wait!

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Published on 2019-03-14 09:37:23
                                                It is expected to continue to be weakly organized on Thursday. The meeting will end on Friday. There should be no rapid decline in the short-term, focusing on the dynamics of the heavyweights. Before the end, as long as the weight is given, the index will have another upward confirmation process.
Posted on 2019-03-14 09:54:05
                                                No matter how much volume of stocks fall, it is trampling, the mood is too extreme, and what technical aspects are difficult to rival. Cyclical stocks and financial stocks index, individual stocks are mainly the risk of rising stocks in the near future.
Published on 2019-03-14 10:17:39
                                                The recent main hotspot technology and science and technology are killing, non-mainstream resources and other bombs are difficult to sustain, short-term operation is more difficult, first drink tea to watch the drama.
Published on 2019-03-14 12:45:01
                                                Stock index fluctuations;
Prepare for the board![Strategy! Winning thousands of miles away! 】
Market effect (according to positioning, recommended guidelines) preempts technological innovation and growth (secondary shares)! [Shanghai market value to play new] [high threshold collection]
Huide Technology (603192) - Polyurethane is an emerging organic polymer material, known as the "fifth largest plastic"
High-tech industries (enterprises) and strategic emerging industries - new materials - [advanced petrochemical new materials]!
Technological innovation products have reached the level of [international leading, domestic first-class]!
[Leading high-end consumption and promoting quality change]
Excellent performance, versatility and bright future!
[Based on the country; go abroad; go to the world! 】
Flourishing! Prosperous!
In the first three quarters of operating income, net profit doubled year-on-year.
The fourth quarter is the peak season, and the harvest is in sight.!
Listing success, like a duck!(150% increase in capacity)
In the next two years, there is no worry about the release of the ban (all locked for 36 months)!
Please pay attention! Join on dips; sit and enjoy!
On-site inspection of production and operation is normal; there is no forecast, no "black horse" for express!
Published on 2019-03-14 14:21:29
                                                Need to have hot spots to save the field, buffer the downtrend, but the subject of the pulse should be carefully pursued, there will be more pits, the transfer stocks will have only a very small number, clear that the decline of brokerages is intensifying, continue to drag the market, the previous hot spots The unicorn stocks are pumping back, and the science and technology board is the core theme of this year. The status of the science and technology concept is naturally crucial, which is related to the market nerve.
Published on 2019-03-14 20:44:16
                                                Adhere to the short-selling Shanghai index to 2000 points, the reason for the blue-chip stocks and stocks to be at least 30% lower than the valuation, junk stocks have to become "sen". The valuation is high with the same company H share price as evidence, as well as the size of non-death High valuation
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