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Published on 2019-03-14 14:24:24 Share it web version
                                    (Original) 20190314 a dream

Stock index continues60Minute adjustment trend, SSE is once again stronger than the GEM, SSE50Even the red, thanks to the support of the financial sector before the market adjustment. The small and medium-sized theme began to adjust after following the main board. They had a huge increase in the previous period. It is expected that the adjustment will not be too small.

And the stock index once formed yesterday5The bottom-level structure of the minute level has also been broken by today's rapid killing, but the new time-sharing bottom structure is also being constructed. The expansion of the small-level time-sharing bottom to the large-level time-sharing also takes time, and is still in the upper half of the adjustment. field. The differentiation of the stock index is serious, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange is taking the lead.60Minute adjustmentCWave, Shenzhen Zhizhi and GEM are stillAWave stage.

For the adjustment, we believe that it is a once-investment opportunity for funds. The current wave type is considered to be in the phase of the four-wave retreat. The previous year's rapid rise to the third wave of the first month. This also means that after the four waves callback, there will be five waves of re-topping process, and even a new stage of rebounding. However, when the new high is concerned, it is necessary to pay attention to whether a larger level of top structure is formed. At that time, it may be a dangerous signal that the top of the daily line deviates.

The more ideal trend is that the four waves will be reverted to the end of March, and then the stock index will use the four waves to build the roof in April, thus constructing the top line of the daily line. A complete wave of five waves is also finished.4-5In the case of time symmetry, it can be seen as a big wave after the bottom of the weekly line, and then it will expand.4-5The structure of the second wave of the month, of course, the second wave is to be low before returning2400It is advisable not to fall below the line. In this way, the second half of the year9-10The month will end the adjustment of the second wave, and the real rise of the bull market will be launched. Cycle may run through2020annual. and6-8There will be another month2500The opportunity to enter under the point.

The dream is to have it, if it is realized.

Published on 2019-03-14 22:58:40
                                                Do not understand politics. 2400-2500 stay in memory.
Published on 2019-03-14 22:58:44
                                                Do not understand politics. 2400-2500 stay in memory.
Published on 2019-03-15 07:54:41
                                                This year will not go down to 2400 points, and next year is not a big bull market.
Published on 2019-03-15 09:05:26
                                                Strictly check the hot-selling hot-selling stocks, junk stocks and brokerage stocks, and bullish low-value blue-chip stocks!
From March 2018 to early March 2019, the blue-chip stocks of Baima stocks continued to adjust. The stocks of junk stocks frequently appeared in the stock market. At the beginning of this year, there were 11 times of Daniel’s shareholder communication. There are poems to prove:
Looked at the fundamentals and closed to eat noodles. Study the fundamentals and lose at the starting line. Forget the fundamentals and embrace the big Yang line.
Beginning in late March 2019, A-shares will be on the right track of healthy slow cattle, and low-valued blue-chip stocks will be regained favor. The former poems should be changed to:
Do not look at the fundamentals, close to eat noodles. Leave the fundamentals and lose at the starting line. Keep in mind the fundamentals and embrace the big Yang line.
Since the Shanghai Stock Exchange hit 2440, the low-priced stocks have burned passionately and madly! Many of them have doubled in the blink of an eye, even 10 times.
The A-share bull market has always been to eliminate low-priced stocks and then eliminate the net stocks. Eliminate the big stocks of broken stocks...
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