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Published on:2017-10-17 15:29:10
China's shareholder interviews: China's central enterprises mixed plans are intensively introduced, where are the investment opportunities?

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In the context of the new stock index, which has been refreshed for more than a year,The activity of the A-share market has significantly improved.

Looking for short-term deterministic opportunities from the three quarterly reports,Which sectors are expected to set off a rising market?

How high will the follow-up market be? Where are the hot spots in the future?


Old ChinaIntroduction]Master of Economics Management, accountant, financial planner, well-known domestic financial and economic bloggers, famous investors. Old China has held senior management positions in commercial banks, insurance companies and other units. He is currently the chairman of a certain asset management company and the president of a financial group. Old China has strong policy sensitivity and forward-looking judgment in the field of securities investment, and has accurately judged the top and bottom positions of the GEM and the motherboard. Over the years, the old blame China has insisted on publishing a thousand blog posts in the online financial media such as Eastern Fortune, and the click rate is among the best. It is a columnist for financial newspapers such as financial investment newspapers. Both macro and micro capabilities, both theoretical and practical level, especially the identification, grasp and operation of the super-long leading stocks, are deeply loved by the majority of investors, the main representative of the stock market as the self-made "Dragon 18 palms", recruit It is wealth to recruit bulls and palms. 【Click to view blog

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