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                            Author:Wenqi stubborn  Posted: 2018-01-31 18:41:36
After experiencing a big correction on Monday and Tuesday for two consecutive days, the stock market suffered a daily limit of 100 shares today. The scene is rather spectacular. Today's decline has been caused by a series of mines that came out last night, just as specific as the figure below What kind of thunder? Share it Shareman Beijing A888888 finishing a list (click to enter the original post) as follows: tonight champion champion: LeTV, -116 billion; second place: petrochemical oil service, -...
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                            Author:Gray dress  Posted on: 2018-01-31 00:11:21
Small cycle sixty minutes head and shoulders, has clearly broken neckline, the theoretical target price 55 below. But look at the weekly, 20 weeks, six months line is around 59. Then you must comply with the small cycle obey the cycle of this element of judgment. Observed 60 minutes abc535 small structure, now has a clear operation c5, at any time will be the end of this one 60-minute bottom constantly in the raise, five liters and three drops, very standard, this trend indicates early ...
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                            Author:Hot stock market tracking brother  Posted: 2018-01-31 15:03:52
(The second quarter of the demon stock list) Thank you for the love and support of this column! Very happy to accompany everyone in the stock market to grow together, harvest wealth, harvest friendship! The second quarter of the demon column list includes 3 leaderboards: demon shares list, catch demon division list, active share friends list. Demon stocks list: debut list as the day to discuss the topic of exchange, rather than buying and selling recommendations. The list of demon shares is jointly selected by the stock friends. Demon stock list: debut list as the day to pay ...
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                            Author:For the limit come v587  Posted: 2018-01-31 12:52:09
Starting from 7.36 yuan, the stock continued to rise heavy volume, down the amount of shrinkage, the price rose well, the amount of time up heavy volume easy to more than 100000000 yuan, and the decline in the amount of time easily shrink to more than 10 million shrinkage level, means There are funds to absorb the admission, the share price 18 1.9 the day the amount of heavy volume breakthrough in the line, and the next few days to step back the effectiveness of breakthroughs, it is clear that this is a patient, powerful main ...
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                            Author:Zhuang see worry 5  Posted: 2018-01-30 04:34:05
If the annual loss of 100 million calculations, the book should be suspected of a big problem! If the annual loss of 100 million calculations, the book should be a big problem! 1 Quarterly Report: earned +1.15 billion 2 Quarterly Report: 115 million +2.8 billion compensation for the land +0.84 million = -497 million loss of about 3 quarterly: is earned +3 million. Quarterly Report: Another loss of more than -4 million. Company in June 2016 ...
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                            Author:I am hot money  Posted: 2018-01-31 15:51:36
The overall disk reviews last night out a lot of thunder performance forecast today out of control, there is no right or wrong as long as performance prediction is killing phenomenon. 15 daily limit, 141 limit. Han Rui cobalt performance increased by 5 times still plunged, Huangtai liquor stocks inexplicably still limit. Big A shares have never been routine cards. No performance forecast after today. However, the official annual report also has the possibility of face change. Pre-increase to time-varying loss ...
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                            Author:Stock News  Posted: 2018-01-31 17:01:37
The new version of the daily newspaper points top fifteen can board the "championship wall", not only the harvest of million people admire, you can also countless fans lost hundreds of thousands of scattered powder scattered. Get stock daily newspaper points way: 1. Correctly predict the next day the market closing points; 2. @ stock market News Submission "forecast Cheats"; 3 active discussion in the column, enthusiastic interaction to help everyone advance together ...
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                            Author:Crazy brother chasing high love  Posted: 2018-01-31 12:46:32
For Gree, the successful bid for the Phoenix World Trade Center project is a microcosm of its PV air-conditioners being popular in overseas markets. In the Middle East, PV air-conditioners are popular in the area due to the excellent lighting conditions and high electricity prices in the area. In the recent two or three years, Gree photovoltaic air conditioner has sold 2,500 sets in this market, such as Iran Tehran University, Saudi Arabia Riyadh Mosque, Dubai Free Trade Zone Office and Saudi Aramco ...
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                            Author:A buy on the set  Posted: 2018-01-31 16:12:17
[Disk Summary] overnight overnight across the board plummeted, dragging the Shanghai and Shenzhen opened sharply lower opening, brokerage, cyclical stocks fell the most, the Shanghai Composite Index Powei 20-day moving average, followed by a strong rebound in the Shanghai Composite 50 Index, led the Shanghai Composite Index successfully turned red ; Theme stocks once again been heavy sell pressure, the GEM jump fell 20 MA, low volatility; afternoon 50 Shanghai Composite Index down the center of gravity down, the market re-panic stampede, a hundred stocks sealed limit down, ...
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                            Author:Share it  Posted: 2018-01-30 10:16:11
Interview time: February 1; 16: 00-17: 00 Guangdong Provincial People's Congress, Provincial Development and Reform Commission He Ningka on January 26 at the first press conference of the provincial 13th NPC revealed that at present The "Hong Kong, Guangdong, Tai Wan Area Development Plan" has been successfully completed and is expected to be approved for implementation in the near future. A stone aroused the thousands of waves of the stock market, recently, all walks of life in the stock market have talked about Guangdong, Hong Kong,
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