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                            Author:Prophet Paul  Published in: 2018-10-02 08:54:27
Regarding the bottom is not really established, in fact, many friends in practice are more difficult to determine. Because the establishment of a true bottom takes a long time, especially when the market is in a downturn, it will not be easily formed, but because of the challenge to human intelligence, the bottom and the bottom are intertwined, so at the bottom. Before the arrival, a large number of people who have bottomed out will fall in the middle of the mountain where the stock price has fallen. How can this be avoided and accurately copied?
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                            Author:Leather jacket, teenager, 7182  Published in: 2018-10-02 08:30:43
A shares continued to fall in September, the three major stock indexes hit a new low in the year. After the Shanghai Composite Index hit a new low of 2644.30 on September 18, the Jedi heavyweight counterattacked against the trend. The eight trading days at the end of the month rose nearly 180 points. The Shanghai index closed for August. On the 2nd, the gap opened at 2815-2823, and successfully stood above 2800 points. The market rebounded in September and took the lead to close the Yang, returning to the important position of the 120-month moving average, indicating the high point of January 29...
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                            Author:Inside and outside the city wall  Published in: 2018-10-02 08:23:29
A-share internationalization entered the "fast lane". On the 25th, MSCI stated that it would increase the A-share factor to 20%. On the 27th, FTSE Russell announced that from the beginning of June next year, "A shares will become rich", the first phase will be 5.5%, which may bring 100 billion yuan of incremental funds for A shares. Affected by this news, the Shanghai Composite Index has a very "outside" this week, with a cumulative increase of 1.45%, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange has rebounded to 50%. This special special black iron thinks...
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                            Author:No. 2 general rudder master  Published in: 2018-10-02 08:42:15
The classic look back: the heavyweight Yangxian closed the gold market on the last trading day before the holiday season, the market showed a heavy volume upswing. In the morning, the Shanghai stock index opened slightly higher, and the Beiqi Blue Valley daily limit led to the strengthening of the new energy concept stocks of BAIC. Bank insurance and other 50-weight stocks of the Shanghai Stock Exchange were quite shocking. The logistics stocks on the theme stocks have come back, and the colored vanadium rare earths are active. The popularity of the GEM stocks has changed and the popularity has been boosted. The market presents weights, the theme of singing...
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