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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
1400No good, blackWestern three ships07-1807-18 15:17
950Tomorrow 29 or lessKavin407-1807-18 14:56
2000Is it dying?Shareholders inO54307-1807-18 09:57
10540Flash crash begins! ! !VT_Kevin07-1607-16 11:06
11150Hurry up!VT_Kevin07-1607-16 10:20
9370Shocking, weepingShare puyCXY07-1607-16 09:44
7450MemoryShareholder zcZmh907-1507-15 22:23
6640Scum! ! ! !Chenxu6507-1507-15 18:32
6790This price is iron bottom!KiWii07-1507-15 16:08
7390Yesterday was rightYaozu 001107-1507-15 15:24
7570No lower limitYunduanmanbu1607-1507-15 11:04
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