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Hong Kong stocks Hang Seng Index closed up 0.71% and stood firm at 28,000 points.

February 11, 2019 16:15
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Hong Kong stocks Hang Seng Index closed up 0.71% and stabilized 28,000 points. The US group commented nearly 8%.] Looking ahead, Haitong Securities Yu Yugen believed that "Hong Kong stocks are on the way to slow cattle", pointing out that the Hong Kong stock market bull power mainly comes from two aspects: First, profit improvement, China's industrial structure optimization drives profitability upwards; second, the funds go south, and the southward funds continue to increase to promote the valuation of Hong Kong stocks.

K map hsi_61

On February 11, the Hang Seng Index opened slightly lower by 0.07% this morning to 27,729 points. The market opened lower and went higher. After the opening of the market, it was turned down on the A-share market. The index rose unilaterally. In the intraday, it broke through the 28,000 mark; it rose further in the afternoon and closed near the high level of the whole day. The market stood above the 28000 mark.

At the close, the Hang Seng Index rose 0.71% to 28,143 points; the HSCEI rose 0.55% to 11016 points; the red chip index rose 0.61% to 4,397 points; the market turnover was 88.143 billion Hong Kong dollars.

On the disk, new economic stocks, mobile phone industry chain and 5G concept stocks rose sharply. Real estate, oil, aviation and education stocks fell back. Other sectors were mixed. The Hang Seng Index saw a high of 28,123 points and a minimum of 27,847 points.

K picture 03690_21

New economic stocks continued to strengthen in the near future. They rose again in intraday trading today. The US group comment (03690) rose 7.77% to HK$62.4.

For Hong Kong stocks, Geely Automobile (00175) rose 5.05% to HK$13.74; Mengniu Dairy (02319) rose 1.9% to HK$24.15; Wanzhou International (00288) rose 2.5% to HK$6.96.

InternationalOil priceFallback, "three barrels" oil stocks weakened, China National Offshore Oil (00883) rose 0.16% to HK$12.9; PetroChina (00857) fell 0.6% to HK$4.93; China Petrochemical (00386) fell 0.61% Reported at HK$6.52. Affected by factors such as profit taking by investors, international oil prices fell last week, New York oil prices fell 4.60%, and London Brent oil prices fell 1.04%.

From a technical point of view, the resistance of the Hang Seng Index near 28,000 points has yet to be digested, but the upward trend of the shock may continue.

Looking forward to the market outlook, Haitong Securities Yu Yugen believes that “Hong Kong stocks are on the way to slow cattle”, pointing out that the bull market power of Hong Kong stocks mainly comes from two aspects: First, profit improvement, China's industrial structure optimization drives profitability upwards; Second, funds go south, and southward funds continue to increase to promote Hong Kong stock valuation. repair.

In addition, the recent pressure on the capital market in Hong Kong has eased, or helped the Hong Kong stock market to fluctuate upward. Recently, a number of major banks raised the target points of the HSI for the whole year of 2019. Morgan Stanley raised the target number of the HSI in 2019, from 28,500 to 29,850, and said that Hong Kong stocks are “shadowing” and the current market valuation can support the market. Goldman Sachs and HSBC are optimistic about the performance of the Hong Kong stock market in the recent report. Goldman Sachs said that the negative factors of the Hong Kong stock market have fully reflected that it can enter the rebound market. HSBC expects the earnings growth of the HSI and HSCEI stocks to increase by 11% in 2019. And 14%, and raise the target points to 30,000 points and 12000 points. Huang Baining, head of Citibank's investment strategy and global wealth planning department, said that although Hong Kong stocks will still face more challenges in the first quarter, corporate earnings growth is expected to be not bad, and Hong Kong stock valuation has fallen back to an attractive level, so investment You can pay attention to whether there are factors that drive the market to rise.

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