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Zhitong Hong Kong stocks short-selling statistics|March 15

March 15, 2019 08:29
source: Zhitong Finance

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  China's trends(03818),Hang Lung Group(00010),Tibet Water Resources(01115) The short-selling ratio of the previous trading day was in the top three, which were 61.58%, 50.92% and 50.74% respectively.Tencent Holdings(00700),Ping An(02318),Construction bankThe short-selling amount of (00939) ranked in the top three, which was 1.287 billion yuan, 1.213 billion yuan, and 405 million yuan. China Trends (03818),Zall Zhilian(02098),Lifu ChinaThe deviation value of (02136) is in the top three, which is 46.40%, 37.28% and 32.04% respectively. Details are as follows:

Top ten short-selling ratio rankings

Stock nameShortage amountShort-selling ratio↓Deviation value
China Trends (03818)99.94 million yuan61.58%46.40%
Hang Lung Group (00010)522.89 million yuan50.92%31.07%
Tibet Water Resources (01115)248.36 million yuan50.74%1.11%
Ju Teng International(03336)50.84 million yuan43.88%30.92%
Lixin Development(00488)361.16 million43.66%2.75%
Sea fishing(06862)1850.98 million yuan43.21%23.97%
China Aluminum(02600)1739.45 million42.53%24.94%
Minmetals resources(01208)1514.96 million yuan41.97%24.26%
Bank of East Asia(00023)2017.14 million41.56%18.26%
China Property Insurance(02328)8347.49 million41.52%21.64%

Top ten short-selling amount ranking

Stock nameShortage amount↓Shortage ratioDeviation value
Tencent Holdings (00700)1.287 billion yuan29.82%12.05%
Ping An(02318)12.13 billion yuan29.57%0.76%
Construction bank(00939)4.05 billion yuan27.06%0.38%
Country Garden(02007)270 million yuan34.65%-2.18%
HSBC Holdings(00005)2.54 billion yuan30.23%-0.84%
US Mission Review-W(03690)2.35 billion yuan40.39%12.21%
Geely Automobile(00175)2.20 billion yuan30.79%10.21%
China Mobile(00941)2.16 billion yuan17.44%5.63%
Xiaomi Group-W(01810)2.09 billion yuan17.63%8.14%
AIA Insurance(01299)1.99 billion yuan17.19%-1.53%

Top ten short-selling deviations

Stock nameShortage amountShortage ratioDeviation value↓
China Trends (03818)99.94 million yuan61.58%46.40%
Zall Zhilian (02098)935.26 million yuan40.21%37.28%
Lifu China (02136)17.12 million yuan36.62%32.04%
Hang Lung Group (00010)522.89 million yuan50.92%31.07%
Ju Teng International (03336)50.84 million yuan43.88%30.92%
IMAX CHINA(01970)295.38 million yuan40.17%29.63%
China Aluminum(02600)1739.45 million42.53%24.94%
China Power(02380)1099.24 million yuan36.15%24.59%
Yinjian International(00171)19.68 million yuan31.81%24.51%
Far East Development(00035)31.08 million yuan33.42%24.44%

Remarks: The above data is from ZhitongrobotAccording to the data of HKEx, it is automatically generated after artificial intelligence calculation, and the data is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. The deviation is the difference between the short-selling ratio of the current stock and the average short-selling ratio of the stock in the past 30 days.

(Article source: Zhitong Finance)

                (Editor: DF381)

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