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Hong Kong stocks Hang Seng Index opened lower and closed down 0.33%. Chenming Paper AH shares fell

April 15, 2019 16:13
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Hong Kong stocks Hang Seng Index opened lower and closed down 0.33%. Chenming Paper AH shares fell sharply] On April 15, the Hong Kong stocks Hang Seng Index opened 0.7% higher today and then 30,000 points, then the increase continued to expand, once rose more than 1% In the afternoon, it fell to 30,000 points. As of the close, the HSI fell 0.33% to 29,810.72; the HSCEI fell 0.24% to 11,631.86; the red chip index fell 0.08% to 4,769.72. Chenming Paper AH shares fell sharply today, Chenming Paper A shares fell 8.9%, Chenming Paper H shares fell 10.95%.

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On April 15, the Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong stocks opened higher by 0.7% today and then increased by 30,000 points. Then the growth rate continued to expand, once rising more than 1%, and fell below 30,000 points in the afternoon. As of the close, the HSI fell 0.33% to 29,810.72; the HSCEI fell 0.24% to 11,631.86; the red chip index fell 0.08% to 4,769.72.

Insurance stocks rose. Xinhua Insurance rose 3.47%; China Taiping rose 2.22%; China Ping An rose 1.27%.

Hand travel stocks fell. Blueport Interactive fell 10.71%; Boya Interactive fell 2.97%; Tencent Holdings fell 1.42%.

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In terms of individual stocks, Chenming Paper's AH stocks fell sharply today. Chenming Paper's A shares fell 8.9%, and Chenming Paper's H shares fell 10.95%. In the news, on April 14, the domestic paper industry leader Chenming PaperannouncementExpected to return to the mother in the first quarter of this yearNet profitIt was 30 million yuan to 45 million yuan, down 96.17% to 94.25% from the same period of the previous year.

  Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock ConnectCash flowAspect

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect capital flow,Shanghai Stock ConnectNet outflow of 682 million,Hong Kong Stock Connect(Shanghai)Net inflow1.14 billion.

Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect capital flow,Deep shareThe net outflow was 1.095 billion, and the net inflow of Hong Kong stocks (deep) was 344 million.

The largest inflow of funds in Shanghai Stock Connect is Construction Bank with a net inflow of 277 million, followed by Industrial and Commercial Bank, Shanghai Port Group, COFCO Sugar and Guangming Real Estate. The largest outflow of funds was CITIC Securities, with a net outflow of 444 million.

The largest inflow of funds in Shenzhen Stock Connect is Gree Electric, with a net inflow of 587 million, followed by Inspur Information, Cross-border, Chunxing Seiko and Pegasus International. The largest outflow of funds is Eastern wealth, with a net outflow of 647 million.

Institutions look forward to the market

Looking ahead to the market, many institutions believe that the trend of Hong Kong stocks is more complicated in the short term, but the valuation of Hong Kong stocks in the medium and long term is still attractive for a long time, and the fundamental factors have increased.

A large-scale public-funded Hong Kong stock investment person in Shenzhen believes that from the perspective of funds, with the further improvement in the price-performance ratio of Hong Kong stocks, the liquidity expectation will greatly increase the probability of funds going south, and the proportion of foreign investment in emerging markets will also increase. In terms of policy, the policy of boosting the economy in the Mainland will be released and the results will gradually emerge. In terms of market sentiment, the trend of A-shares continued to be strong, and the market's risky preference for AH assets was enhanced in the context of sufficient domestic funds. In addition, trade negotiations are about to land, and the market's enthusiasm for positive results will boost investor confidence.

Under the multiple positives, there are still risk factors disturbing. The short-term Hong Kong stock market may be repeated, and there is no phased correction. GF Securities believes that, first, the global market volatility will increase. After the US bond spread continued to “upside down”, and the US economy grew further in the second quarter; Europe is still the “storm” of risk, and the EU’s Brexit consultation period allowed by the EU is delayed or extended to May 22, The European economy is weaker than expected or passively pushes up the US dollar index. Second, the “double dip” of the domestic economy during the year may appear in the second half of the second quarter, and the slowdown in real estate investment is the main reason. In addition, the valuation experienced a wave of rapid repairs, and the support market continues to rise. The subsequent necessity will require the cooperation of fundamentals and the volatility will increase.

A large public fund in Shanghai, Shanghai and Hong KongfundThe manager said that the current price-earnings ratio of the Hang Seng Index is 11.2 times, the dynamic price-earnings ratio of the state-owned index is 10 times, still lower than the historical center level, and the horizontal ratio is also cheaper than other markets in the world. "There are more high-quality companies in the Hong Kong stock market, and they are stable in the industries of consumption, technology and finance.PerformanceSustainable stocks have good long-term investment opportunities. He said.

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