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Hong Kong stocks resumed: HSI rebounded on the 5 day moving average 5G concept stocks began to warm up

May 15, 2019 21:10
source: Zhitong Finance

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The Hang Seng Index rebounded slightly on Wednesday (May 15), and opened higher in the early period. The market's gains narrowed. At the close, the Hang Seng Index rose 0.52% to 28,268.71 points, and the market turnover was HK$96.12 billion.

Both markets have rebounded today. The rebound of A-shares is obviously stronger than that of Hong Kong stocks. In particular, from the end of the market, the Hong Kong stock market broke the time-sharing line. The quality of this rebound is not very high.

Today’s A-share performance exceeded expectations, rebounding more than US stocks.Shanghai indexRebounded 1.91%, the GEM rebounded 2.28%, the trend was very hard all day, there were more than 100 stocks daily limit, the market is still very good atmosphere, especially the performance of the big blue chip performance is good, both places have seen the return of funds The situation, but the intensity is a little smaller. Today, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the data on May 15, China’s above-scale in April.Industrial added valueIt increased by 5.40% year-on-year, lower than the expected value of 6.50%, down 3.1 percentage points from the previous value of 8.50%. Overall, it is also within the scope of acceptance, paying attention to some of the industries with large growth, computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry growth of 12.4%, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry growth of 11.5%,Non-ferrous metalThe smelting and rolling processing industry grew by 8.9%.

Hong Kong stocks rebounded today and touched the 5-day moving average, but still failed to make a smooth breakthrough and continue to be suppressed. The key is that the volume has not been raised. If this amount can not be released, it indicates that there is still a virtual component. Zhitong Finance believes that the current stage is still in the bottom-up state, but the bottom can not be established, unless it is the continuous multi-day heavy-duty station on the 5-day moving average to get out of this bottom.

Moreover, US stocks still have a risk of breakage, because the US economic growth is not as strong as expected, even though the US first quarterGDPThe growth of 3.2% seems to be good, but it is not ideal in terms of structure. Most of the GDP growth in the first quarter comes from large-scale inventory, net exports and government spending. In "personal consumer demand + non-residential and residential solidsFixed investmentIn terms of the traditional driving force, the overall growth contribution is less than 35%. Next, we need to observe the US April retail sales data released on Wednesday night, because this data is one of the most direct indicators reflecting the US economic outlook. The US is spending The economic structure driven, if the data goes bad, will continue to put pressure on the US stocks.

Overall, the current trend of A-shares is still significantly stronger than that of Hong Kong stocks. Hong Kong stocks are now in a state of survival between the US stocks and A-shares. It is expected to repeatedly oscillate bottoming around the annual line.

From the face of the disk, pork-related stocks performed well.Yurun Food(01068) up 8.8%, Zhitong May Top Ten Gold SharesWanzhou International(00288) rose 5.14%,COFCO meat(01610) rose 2.22%. Recently, the concept of pork has been robbed of artificial meat by many people. The hype of pork replacement is more frenzied, but calming down, pork is still difficult to replace, and the supply tension caused by the African epidemic is still difficult to alleviate. Therefore, the adjusted pork concept is still notable.

The 5G concept is starting to be active again.China Communication Service(00552) rose 4.3%,ZTE(00763) rose 2.93%,Chinese Tower(00788) rose 2.5%. The "2019 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Conference", hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sponsored by the China Communications Society, and organized by ICT Media and Baizhuo Network, will be held in Beijing from May 16 to 17, 2019. . In the 20th year of 2019, the conference was grand. The 5G pre-commercial set of multiple edge computing, 5G bearer, Internet of Things, terminal and other sub-forums, gathered 5G networking, 5G commercial and other hot topics, interpretation of ICT field The key to development in 2019-2020. The market expects that 5G licenses will be issued in the near future. We have always stressed that every time there is news, the 5G concept will be speculative, and investors need to pay close attention to the above core varieties.

Other isMeitu(01357) rose 11.28%, this is mainly to follow the concept of the US stock market blockchain, considering the A sharethemeAlready weak,MeituLast year, the publication of the "Meitu Blockchain White Paper" announced that it had entered the blockchain, which was a hot spot. The stock can be speculated mainly or oversold.

Finally sayTencent Holdings(00700), its trend has risen sharply, rising by 0.92%. The quarterly report was released today, and “financial technology and corporate services” was disclosed for the first time alone, up 44% year-on-year to 21.8 billion yuan. The focus of the market is still on the game business. Considering that the game is gradually warming up, the market outlook continues to be worth looking forward to.

(Article source: Zhitong Finance)

                (Editor: DF062)

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