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Insurance companies prepare for "Double Eleven": Consumer insurance expansion

November 08, 2018 10:37
source: Financial investment newspaper
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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At the same time as e-commerce carnival, in recent years, "Double Eleven" has become a must for insurance companies. However, this situation has changed this year. The "Financial Investment News" reporter found out that although many insurance companies launched the "Double Eleven" activities, overall, the "promotional" efforts have decreased compared with previous years. However, borrowing online shopping spree, consumptionInsurance ProductsHowever, it has expanded from nearly 50 species last year to 70 species.

  Activity "gold content" reduced

"Allianz double eleven, the audience is 8 fold." "Double 11 'good insurance' swept for 11 days, the audience discounted 50% off." On November 7, on the Taobao insurance platform, the above publicity is still " gorgeous".

Taking Allianz Insurance as an example, its “20% off” is mainly for the five products of King Schengen, Global Tour, Travel Treasure, Overseas Study, Global Aviation Insurance, etc., and will be placed on November 11th. At the same time, give time-limited video VIP cards, medical examination cards and other gifts and draws.

Ping An Insurance will give a 50% discount on bank account security insurance discounts from November 1st to 11th, adult comprehensive accident insurance, children's comprehensive insurance, Asian travel insurance, IPhone mobile phone screen insurance, global travel insurance, middle-aged 20% discount on multiple products such as comprehensive medical insurance, family wealth loss insurance, safe high-end travel insurance, European Schengen insurance, and short-term comprehensive insurance.

However, on the whole, compared with the direct sales promotion, during the "double eleven" period this year, the insurance companies were generally more "low-key". Such as Zhongan Insurance, only on November 10th - 11th, given "99 yuan to send the year telephone doctor consultation, 299 yuan to send the public health check-up package, 499 yuan to send anti-cancer gene test" activities; Hongkang Life Insurance Only the collection store lottery, the insured enjoy the medical check-up card, the top 20 enjoy the expert clinic, etc. In addition, AIU Insurance only launched the collection of the US-Asian travel overseas traffic service activities.

The auto insurance sector, which consumers are more concerned about, also presents similar situations. "11.11 preemptive purchase, buy auto insurance, enjoy more." An insurance company's official website, the above activities recommended quite eye-catching, but on the details page, mainly recommended vehicle safety testing, non-accident road rescue, drunk driving and other services, and The details of the event such as the offer are not given, only the “local policy is different, please refer to the local policy.”

In fact, from the perspective of products participating in the “Double 11” campaign, most of them are consumer short-term insurance. In the eyes of the industry, for these insurance products, consumers are more concerned about the guarantee function, according to their own needs to choose products, the price is not the most important determinant.

  Consumer insurance helps online shopping spree

Although the promotion is limited, the consumer insurance closely related to the “Double Eleven” is still in full swing. In 2014, the return shipping insurance contracted 150 million orders on the same day. By 2017, nearly 50 kinds of consumer insurance in six categories again set a new record, setting a record of 860 million singles on the same day. Consumer insurance has become the biggest winner of the insurance industry in the “Double Eleven”.

According to Ant Financial Data, this year's Tmall “Double 11” shopping festival, 13 insurance companies including PICC P&C Insurance, Pacific Insurance P&C Insurance, and China Life Insurance will cooperate with Ant Insurance to provide consumers and businesses with 6 categories of 70 kinds of consumption. Insurance. Consumer insurance will cover more than 400 million consumers and over 4 million merchants.

In addition to quality inspection and maintenance insurance, after-sales rights insurance, logistics guarantee insurance, price guarantee insurance and quality assurance insurance for consumers, the current types of consumer insurance also include return loss insurance for merchants, employer liability insurance, etc. .

Take Ant Insurance and Zhongan Insurance to launch the “Tmall Overseas Retreat” insurance service for overseas consumers as an example. Through this service, consumers can return the goods to the insurance company's overseas service warehouse, and the losses will be paid by the insurance company to the seller. It is reported that the service has covered 7 regions and countries including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the United States and Canada.

The ant insurance teamed up with the “price insurance”, and the consumer can apply for a claim from the insurance company within 15 days after the purchase of the cost-effective order. If the difference is passed, the insurance company will pay the difference. To the consumer.

For the online shopping “剁手族”, consumer insurance can effectively reduce its risks in terms of product quality and after-sales rights protection. Bank card security insurance or personal account capital loss insurance can provide insurance for the account with insurance. Take China Ping's “Bank Card Security Insurance” as an example. The insurance period is one year. It provides two services, namely, bank card theft protection and loss of replacement card fee reimbursement. The insurance amount of bank card fraud protection is 50,000-100,000 yuan. The reimbursement for the loss of the replacement card is up to 500 yuan, and the premium is 28 yuan.

So, what are the issues that need to be watched in the process of choosing consumer insurance? The insurer believes that the core content of the insurance clause is the insurance liability. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on and fully understand the insurance liability and liability exemption to avoid the insurance company's refusal after the insurance.

(Article source: Financial Investment News)

                (Editor: DF052)

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