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Dacheng credit increased profits and opened a bond C for one year.
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250580discuss Where can I buy a fund?Small 509-2909-29 07:38
47785Can redeem today, no redemption information?Shanghai mobile phone users03-0603-10 14:11
44651Even posting is not allowed to send?Shanghai mobile phone users03-0603-08 09:43
49181How to redeem, is it automatic?Shanghai mobile phone users03-0603-08 09:40
637345Can I redeem it when I am?Lucifer_gu02-0303-08 09:39
47853Redemption is automatic to the electronic account.Shanghai mobile phone users03-0503-07 10:51
506720Finished thingsVv 1098502-1502-15 15:31
26470Pit people, who will buy you Dacheng Fund in the future.Shanghai mobile phone users01-2001-20 16:48
698011How is this falling every day, what happened?Shanghai mobile phone users04-2101-18 13:37
27830Can Dacheng still pay dividends this year?Shanghai mobile phone users01-0401-04 09:54
31122what happened? It fell every day.Shanghai mobile phone users12-1412-21 21:28
300612 poor managerShanghai mobile phone users12-0512-21 21:26
61130The truth is white!Shanghai netizens04-0112-08 15:30
27680How do you get it, every day, what is it?Shanghai mobile phone users12-0612-06 21:45
30861CattleShanghai mobile phone users11-2411-28 19:25
33432I will not consider buying this kind of thing in the future.Shanghai mobile phone users11-1711-18 08:33
31580Minsheng Bank is too fooling people.Shanghai mobile phone users11-1511-15 22:52
31200Really your mother is rottenShanghai mobile phone users11-1511-15 22:49
31290It’s almost a year’s time.Shanghai mobile phone users11-0711-07 12:02
29010Not the worst, only worse.Shanghai mobile phone users10-2710-27 23:20
29630I won’t buy it later.Shanghai mobile phone users10-2710-27 10:43
29660This fund is too bullish, Yangshuo typeShanghai mobile phone users10-2610-26 14:33
30030Today's valuation is high, I will beat it tomorrow.Shanghai mobile phone users10-1910-19 21:16
29470Is today's valuation a fool's estimate?Shanghai mobile phone users10-1910-19 20:17
30360I hope the new manager has a new look! Come on!Shanghai mobile phone users10-1910-19 15:10
50710Really badShanghai mobile phone users09-1409-14 13:02
52510I haven’t gone up in a month, it’s too rubbish.Shanghai mobile phone users09-1209-12 16:54
41960Valuation tm is a display! Fighter in the trash!Shanghai mobile phone users08-1608-16 20:08
39310Really junk fund, fooled!Shanghai mobile phone users08-1508-15 21:34
41560Yesterday's net value of 1.058, today's net worth of 1.057, liarShanghai mobile phone users08-1008-10 10:03
42310This fund is also bad. The same category, others have so muchShanghai mobile phone users07-1907-19 07:52
51020Half a year, no increase, only negative impact in the futureShanghai mobile phone users07-1307-13 14:33
50000In this way, I also withdraw the wealth and deposits at Bohai Bank.Shanghai mobile phone users06-2306-23 06:36
50480What bad fund, only falling does not rise.Shanghai mobile phone users06-0306-03 03:34
58090Can I redeem it in advance? What is bad, only falling?Shanghai mobile phone users06-0106-01 10:12
51580It’s hard to go up this fundShanghai mobile phone users05-1905-19 17:26
51780Cash dividends, Dacheng Fund, when do you pay dividends, don't lieShanghai mobile phone users05-1705-17 13:55
51330Is this valuation a decoration? I have been allowed someday.Shanghai mobile phone users05-1305-13 22:45
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