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207810Still goodCattle brick home06-2209-23 19:46
128980Take a handful of urine!VIWENVIWEN08-0808-08 13:58
469130GreatShareholders L9WPxs11-1311-13 22:42
4702800.51 two o'clockOnce five years10-2510-25 14:10
4866700.64Once five years09-0509-05 11:07
5016410Once five years07-3107-31 21:26
487801-1.63Once five years07-2607-26 20:59
489000-0.44Once five years07-0707-07 15:16
492380Why not pay dividendsWang Qingping 106-2706-27 08:07
1043413Absolutely excellentShanghai netizens08-0603-26 05:37
15603twenty fourTaihe, that’s great!Shanghai netizens05-2603-26 05:22
458364Broken managerOnce five years02-1503-26 05:20
54388Return to the total! Is 1.95 an insurmountable hurdle?Shanghai mobile phone users09-0803-26 03:56
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