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ICBC health care bar
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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
24627132discuss A very cattle trading methodsWei Wei Zhuang Lord01-2201-23 22:47
3410Today rose so much, how greenHnbj01-2301-23 15:31
1350SpeechlessShare friends dzouca01-0201-02 21:16
2510Too rubbishShare friends dzouca12-2012-20 21:42
7910000831 can go betterpayNe12-0812-08 15:30
3440New attentionpayNe12-0812-08 15:28
3980Too pitShare friends dzouca11-2711-27 21:32
3290Like the deadn142053601580111-2311-23 20:09
4721DisgustingShare friend otpC5u11-2111-21 20:45
7360Come on ... see hopeCat baijing11-1011-10 16:23
5440so II am new here11-0911-09 09:02
6390Today is so miserablelkxvict11-0711-07 16:05
7300Why big loss today?Hnbj11-0711-07 14:51
5600Come onShareholder tGMdMy11-0611-06 22:20
5920Today canShare friend TDcm0L11-0611-06 13:51
8470Poor performance!Archangel dreams09-2609-26 21:31
8560Manager jiaWSqyl09-1109-11 20:46
10810Even today, redBian Jingwen lucia09-0709-07 21:28
10470Sold last week . . . .Yu Feifei 109-0509-05 21:27
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