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30048533discuss I want us to be togetherHSBC Jinxin Fund10-1610-16 16:40
15920Can bond funds fall into this way?Shanghai netizens12-2112-21 10:26
13200Real garbageShanghai netizens12-1312-13 10:33
42923Today fell 2.17Shanghai netizens03-2504-05 20:25
33151what happened?Shanghai netizens03-2603-27 18:14
54997Absolute garbage of this bondShanghai netizens12-2403-02 13:14
37161RubbishShanghai netizens01-0701-15 22:31
35282OpeningShareholder RDLkVs10-1601-06 21:01
291465Newcomers ask for adviceShanghai netizens09-2212-29 15:32
35272Endless closure periodShanghai netizens11-3012-22 15:14
34303it has startedShanghai netizens12-1612-19 08:33
26890fundShanghai netizens12-1812-19 08:32
22750Think this foundation is awkward?Shanghai netizens12-1612-16 19:04
24920Closed periodShanghai netizens12-1412-14 13:06
2253712When I opened the market, it’s so dead every day.Shanghai netizens10-1712-08 10:51
30830Dead chickenShanghai netizens12-0512-08 10:50
28500Closed periodShanghai netizens12-0612-06 16:42
49332Make moneyShanghai netizens10-1412-04 19:20
44774Dead baseShanghai netizens11-2612-04 12:31
34360listenWinter and winter 648412-0412-04 00:28
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