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34703132discuss Dividend fund preparation method PKJi Shaocheng 8110-1010-12 07:14
7530RubbishShareholder rddSxn06-1506-15 13:07
24970Chicken!Shanghai mobile phone users09-0209-02 20:18
42622Break below 0.8 and buy againShanghai netizens03-2307-25 10:01
35231Jiaxing 88Shanghai netizens03-1403-15 10:35
44312Very poor fund, already sold. To be with the manager!Shanghai netizens02-2203-05 07:21
44203Really badShanghai netizens01-2103-05 07:21
35161Good baseShanghai netizens03-0403-05 07:21
41304Going too slowlyShanghai netizens02-1702-25 03:56
39551MondayShanghai netizens01-1802-01 15:49
47473Manager, don't you think you have a problem with your operation today?Shanghai mobile phone users01-1901-28 06:29
26940Say good baby bottom?Shanghai netizens01-2701-27 10:32
35182Too badShanghai mobile phone users01-2601-27 08:14
25060fallShanghai netizens01-2601-26 11:52
39033Rotten fundShanghai netizens01-2001-22 19:34
42328Rely on, died on this fund. . Too bad. .Shanghai netizens01-1801-19 13:41
31123Information is not yet publicShanghai netizens01-1801-18 10:24
32881Try on MondayShanghai netizens01-1701-18 10:02
23990ExperienceShanghai netizens01-1501-15 23:14
33253What is the information about this fund?Shanghai mobile phone users01-1501-15 20:48
688618Does someone add a position?Shanghai netizens01-0401-15 20:48
33288This fundShanghai netizens01-1301-14 18:41
27341Keep three pointsShanghai netizens01-1401-14 14:58
29263Losing big every day greenShanghai netizens01-1301-14 09:14
585611Manager Zhang, you have to cheer!Shanghai mobile phone users01-0601-13 22:18
19820UpShanghai netizens01-1301-13 10:47
32022Bought on the 25thShanghai netizens01-1101-12 20:21
25551When can I add a position?Shanghai netizens01-1101-11 16:14
21677Look at the form and go up again today.Shanghai netizens12-2801-11 16:12
33493Personally feel that tomorrow will riseShanghai mobile phone users01-0601-07 11:19
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