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249,70432discuss A very cattle trading methodsWei Wei Zhuang Lord01-2201-23 22:47
670awesomeShare friend IemvuJ01-2301-23 22:15
1150Sangong all the wayFriends YRvvX901-2301-23 21:32
1540How so cowfayedshi01-2301-23 21:26
440Good chicken!East fence Caihua01-2301-23 20:39
740it is goodRiding fish shopping01-2301-23 20:39
1500See who also sprayNameless 883501-2301-23 20:34
5703.01Share friend IkF9iA01-2301-23 20:32
860Niu BenShare Friends Cc9cUy01-2301-23 20:28
1400Offer my kneescheese8801-2301-23 20:25
1060Niubi ah!Huang Dong01-2301-23 20:22
1260Odd manager really cow!Lqs16801-2301-23 20:18
1050Cattle!hjq beef cattle01-2301-23 20:14
710give it a like888 strokes01-2301-23 20:12
820mighty-By the sea winds 269101-2301-23 20:12
960God!hzbl66801-2301-23 20:08
690Cow, greatlinghuchong18801-2301-23 20:05
9903.01 no problemlevelup01-2301-23 20:04
530CattleSmall meat ZZZ01-2301-23 20:03
860awesomeOutstanding people 301-2301-23 20:02
510Strong HengqiangGood boy01-2301-23 20:02
1850+ 3.00%Share friend jnwkx01-2301-23 20:00
670CattleRain drifts 22501-2301-23 20:00
29313.01High lamb01-2301-23 19:57
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