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Harvest's innovation and growth mix
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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
30671discuss Graded fund discountReading notes08-2108-22 00:40
37230discuss Make a large fund to vote, arrange!Time base08-2208-22 07:33
11770-1.44Once five years09-0509-05 11:07
13880RetireOnce five years08-2808-28 21:57
17860-0.1Once five years07-2607-26 16:04
28861What happened today?In the future04-0504-05 23:50
40890announcement Harvest Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information11-1811-18 08:05
12150This manager is easy to impotenceShanghai mobile phone users10-2410-24 20:37
14591I changed the manager and entered the market. It was better yesterday.Shanghai mobile phone users10-1810-21 21:26
15271This manager can't do it.Shanghai netizens10-2110-21 14:11
11050drunkShanghai mobile phone users10-1710-17 21:17
17162Change the manager a little bit better?Shanghai mobile phone users10-1110-12 21:11
11390Harvest Fund's fund manager is as fast as changing diapersShanghai mobile phone users10-1210-12 14:34
11260Harvest Fund Manager is as fast as changing diapersShanghai mobile phone users10-1210-12 14:31
14200Finally started to riseShanghai mobile phone users09-3009-30 17:12
11910[applaud]Shanghai netizens09-3009-30 11:46
13650Manager Dong, come on!Shanghai netizens09-3009-30 11:46
21640Manager Dong, look after you, come on!Shanghai netizens09-2409-24 09:42
21050How long does it take for the chicken to open the redemption?Shanghai mobile phone users09-0809-08 21:01
14982I can go home, and today is a little bit. Back to one is with luck.Shanghai mobile phone users08-1508-17 22:59
11000This fund is too bad, and I have not paid the money until now.Shanghai mobile phone users08-1708-17 18:07
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