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TEDA Manulife definitely mixes it.
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29870When is it open recently?Dorisyang05-0805-08 14:46
23615Be confident in the fund manager and stick to it!Shanghai netizens08-2512-15 13:27
10190I am really helpless, losing 3000!Shanghai netizens11-1811-18 22:22
13090瘟基, TEDA Manulife is absolutely based,Shanghai mobile phone users08-1508-15 22:53
13350I will never fight new in the future, but I will pay for it as a whole.Shanghai mobile phone users08-1208-12 06:58
10880When will it be reopened, this base is too pithy.Shanghai mobile phone users08-0408-04 22:52
40655I finally redeemed Hao KaisenShanghai mobile phone users05-1207-29 21:15
47175The people holding the 001896 fund are all SBShanghai mobile phone users03-1807-06 16:22
38793See the basicsShanghai netizens04-1406-02 21:20
25370Why is it falling every day? Which varieties are they holding in the end?Shanghai mobile phone users06-0106-01 10:01
37071How can it be closed again, when can I redeem it next time?Shanghai mobile phone users05-0405-04 15:04
26551When can I redeem it! ! !Shanghai netizens05-0305-03 13:24
26720This base is fooling the people!Shanghai netizens04-0804-08 11:51
47633When can I redeem?Shanghai netizens03-1903-24 10:57
27100What garbage baseShanghai netizens03-0103-01 14:58
26240Does this base have investment value?Shanghai netizens02-2902-29 14:54
31910Haha, finally redeemed at the loss on February 17th, or elseShanghai mobile phone users02-1902-19 13:29
28611Poor performanceShanghai netizens02-1902-19 12:11
27650Fund 001896 TEDA Manulife, please exit in time for the wonderful, otherwiseShanghai mobile phone users02-1702-17 22:00
25780Today, I finally lost money to escape this deceptive fund company."Shanghai mobile phone users02-1702-17 16:45
31290Everyone is back, wasting money, wasting timeShanghai mobile phone users02-1502-16 07:18
32401When you redeem the number 2.5, you can get it.Shanghai netizens02-0802-10 18:13
29340Garbage, this fundShanghai mobile phone users02-0502-05 22:20
37071Shit, this fund is rubbish, everyone is backShanghai mobile phone users02-0402-05 12:43
32431Today is open dayShanghai netizens02-0402-04 20:49
28650This is mainly because fund managers do not choose stocks.Shanghai mobile phone users02-0302-03 23:50
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