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1640Manager great!Tadao River 610-2610-26 22:19
1900Cattlellyy310-2410-24 20:24
7130Too much forceCrazy bodhi tree09-1309-13 20:33
8031Yang Jingli cattle!Bodhi tree 4107-2007-27 20:43
70304 points, crazyTreasure92507-1707-17 15:11
7470The drop is so bigStocks P6EQp206-2206-22 14:32
7280Today fell so muchStocks P6EQp206-2206-22 14:21
8340Will be up!Stock friends jPPLPp05-2005-20 12:54
9850The chicken hung upsunshine_day04-2404-25 09:49
10660How about you?Shanghai comrades04-2004-20 10:05
9300RefuelingStock friends jPPLPp02-2502-25 11:50
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