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9090933discuss Making money is never an easy task.Two birds said10-1210-15 16:07
10820It’s crazy again today!Jiejie 4407-0607-06 21:00
11210It’s crazy today!Jiejie 4406-2506-25 19:56
22530announcement Rongtong Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information09-2709-27 08:12
22370Going to die, stupidSunny flower09-1109-11 20:57
19470announcement Rongtong Fund Management Co., Ltd.Fund information04-2004-20 07:23
8920it is good!Shanghai mobile phone users02-2202-22 10:34
10340StupidShanghai mobile phone users11-2911-29 20:39
10170These days are good, Manager Liu cheers!Shanghai mobile phone users11-1411-14 20:14
11510Can you replace this fund manager? Liu Gesong’s fund managerShanghai mobile phone users10-2610-26 21:37
10100I will never buy Liu Gesong again in the future.Shanghai mobile phone users10-2610-26 21:31
11030Liu Gesong’s strength is so bad.Shanghai mobile phone users10-2610-26 21:31
9250This fund is really mad,Shanghai mobile phone users10-2610-26 21:29
11130Disgusting, really rubbishShanghai netizens10-2610-26 20:52
8860It’s just rubbishShanghai mobile phone users10-2510-25 00:30
11020There are so many valuations and net worth differences!Shanghai mobile phone users10-2410-24 22:19
8740This fund is too bad.Shanghai mobile phone users10-2110-21 22:16
10451Today's gains are so good, this base only rose by 0.2, too bad Liu LuosongShanghai mobile phone users10-1810-18 22:57
8980This base will never run out of the market.Shanghai mobile phone users10-1110-11 22:10
10480wasteShanghai netizens10-0310-03 10:44
8750Too badShanghai netizens10-0310-03 10:39
19030If the old yak can’t make it, let’s get out soon.Shanghai mobile phone users09-2809-28 20:00
11960How is this chicken so bad?Shanghai mobile phone users08-0908-09 21:00
12390Liu Gesong: Today's market is so good, your net worth is so low.Shanghai mobile phone users07-2607-26 20:34
45308Good todayShanghai netizens03-1807-18 06:30
25260This manager is called Liu Gesong, no, even the market can not win.Shanghai mobile phone users07-0407-04 20:41
23550The rebound in this period was good, but this base did not catch.Shanghai mobile phone users06-2906-29 10:13
25190Okay today!Shanghai mobile phone users06-2706-27 21:07
25870This base has always been a rush.Shanghai mobile phone users06-2106-21 21:14
25810Too disappointing!Shanghai mobile phone users06-1706-17 20:51
27180The base income is not good, but every time it falls, it runs a lot.Shanghai mobile phone users06-0106-01 04:52
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