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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
1941698discuss Fund investment styleTwo birds said08-1708-17 20:16
26199531discuss The benefits and risks of CSI 500Rich country fund08-1708-17 20:16
13050波真大[大笑]South hurricane09-1109-11 17:20
31411So much todayYao Yan 201808-0708-11 20:16
46592Grass you two milkDole05-1106-15 15:58
32740Chen Ying, real garbageEverest04-2504-25 15:28
9640Are you dead?Shanghai netizens11-2411-24 13:49
11910This fund manager has a level, just look at how it works.Shanghai mobile phone users11-2211-22 22:01
12631How is this branch unattended?Shanghai mobile phone users11-1311-16 22:42
10970Yesterday entered five thousandShanghai mobile phone users11-1011-10 20:30
27410Good todayBwr11-0811-08 22:08
13370If you don't trust! Why invest! Voted no more!Shanghai mobile phone users08-1208-12 21:20
28310What fund, will not rise, will not fall, pit investors' money, garbage baseShanghai mobile phone users06-2206-22 22:12
28370If you don’t rise, you won’t fall. Is it important for you to be safe?Shanghai mobile phone users06-0206-02 13:33
43830Fighter in the trashDeity06-0106-01 07:19
29190Garbage, everyone knowsShanghai mobile phone users05-3105-31 21:42
23010This manager level is not normal! time proves everythingShanghai mobile phone users05-1905-19 11:30
26690When can I open my subscription?Shanghai mobile phone users05-0905-09 11:05
24490The fund manager level is too low.Shanghai netizens04-1304-13 14:29
31981Come out and fallShanghai netizens03-2103-24 20:31
24920The number starts to be listedShanghai netizens02-2902-29 10:29
44202Can I sell it at any time?Shanghai netizens01-2502-22 18:17
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