Huatai Bairui quantified hedge
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53931 35 discuss Fund dividends and splits Two birds said 01-2201-22 17:56
534 0 Already on the 9th, can't buy? The ant next door can buy it. Lazy Hans 11-0911-09 13:09
735 0 The bears were blown up today [smile] Lazy Hans 11-0211-02 19:50
1092 2 It’s getting open soon, and it’s going to brush up recently. It’s best to increase earnings to 3% this year. Lazy Hans 10-2310-26 21:51
818 0 On October 23, the index fell sharply. This contrarian rose sharply, in hedge funds. Lazy Hans 10-2310-23 22:02
914 0 On September 19th, the index rose sharply, and this decline was in the top. . More empty orders Lazy Hans 09-1909-19 20:06
1141 0 There are too many empty orders. . . Today's decline is big. Lazy Hans 09-0409-04 21:03
2837 0 The votes held are all falling, and the valuation will rise? How is a fake position? Catalya 02-0902-09 23:07
1445 0 When the market rises, it falls, the market falls, and it falls again. What is the quantitative pair? Shanghai mobile phone users 11-1711-17 12:30
1357 1 What is the management of the stock fund. If you don’t want to play, you will withdraw from the market. Shanghai mobile phone users 11-1211-16 23:17
1374 0 Paralysis is a huge pit! Don't trust the bank manager! 20 Shanghai mobile phone users 11-1211-12 09:36
3471 0 What garbage, regret, died Mianzhu user 1093 08-1108-11 01:27
5034 0 I will not buy the funds of their company in the future, and I will lose money after half a year. Mianzhu user 1093 05-2705-27 12:46
4676 0 Not moving, expected to fall in half a year Mianzhu user 1093 05-2705-27 10:51
4976 0 I’m not moving today, just like the other funds in their company. Mianzhu user 1093 05-2705-27 10:49
5249 0 Fixed product issuance is hot. Public funds are multi-pronged to ensure revenue. 小瀚518 05-1705-17 13:37
5514 0 The market is weak and the defense is for thousands of private equity products. 小瀚518 05-1705-17 13:14
5666 0 The performance of equity products is sluggish 小瀚518 05-1605-16 13:54
5686 0 The national team fund has a new action: the signs of jiacang are obvious (with stocks) 小瀚518 05-1605-16 13:25
5345 0 The fund said that it is difficult to have a trend opportunity in the short term. 小瀚518 05-1605-16 13:12
7957 0 Announcement: Huatai Bairui Quantitative Hedging Subscription Tip 小瀚518 05-1205-12 14:00
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