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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
7080TomorrowMagician 506-0706-07 15:45
5870DdShare friends l4B93u05-2305-23 14:13
5550.Share friends l4B93u05-2305-23 14:13
5500DidShare friends l4B93u05-2305-23 13:54
6680DjdjKemin OL2pNA05-2105-21 10:47
5560XXShare friends l4B93u05-1505-15 16:02
12300Heart panic!Don Juan to withdraw money03-2303-23 ​​09:44
14610It’s so cold!Boiled years01-2601-26 11:03
16310Get off todayKeep improving 0101-2501-25 10:17
13680Come on!Shareholder gynbqp01-2401-24 21:37
12120Oh, it’s good.Not to vote01-2301-23 20:16
108801.16Long Teng12-2912-29 15:16
8370too poorPhoto Oriental12-1212-12 20:32
7700Too muchPhoto Oriental12-1212-12 20:31
6880Spicy chicken fell 1.4Long Teng12-1212-12 14:34
8110Stable as a doga morning sun12-0812-08 14:46
9540Sold today浯溪湘情12-0112-01 15:59
7140Hold on, 1.5Long Teng11-2811-28 14:06
8210it is goodTk2017092811-2211-22 20:09
86300.57Long Teng11-2211-22 15:05
8100Trend is terribleYeahDiverse11-2211-22 10:11
7280It is up 0.49.Long Teng11-2111-21 15:24
6770Up 0.9Shareholder EW9p1311-2011-20 15:02
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