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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
33280Can you fuck for a few days?Lzc707-0607-06 09:26
36560Kill people!Lzc707-0407-04 13:48
46390This is a real bastard!Lzc706-2906-29 10:35
48870be cheated!Lzc706-2706-27 14:36
61300When is it a head?Lzc706-2006-20 14:53
68740Really pit people!Lzc706-1506-15 10:49
69380Do it!Lzc706-1506-15 10:40
70470Dead base, rotten base.Lzc706-1406-14 15:54
91161The damn chicken is caught!Lzc706-0806-08 12:02
17583128 LianyangOld horse05-1006-04 22:22
93940Are you going to die?Lzc706-0106-01 13:36
94510China's bad stock market!Lzc705-3105-31 10:47
97820Dead base!Lzc705-2905-29 14:38
98760What is Xinlitai?Lzc705-2905-29 14:37
109950Why did Sinopec fall so much!Lzc705-2105-21 14:40
124220Dead base!!Lzc705-1405-14 10:44
1334707 LianyangOld horse05-0905-09 20:23
130040Can it be red today?Lzc705-0905-09 15:24
134940Can you rise 2 points today?Lzc705-0705-07 15:23
139630Big ups and downsShareholder z0jocb05-0405-04 13:07
156100The rhythm of death!Lzc704-2304-23 13:40
158760sorrow!Shareholder TTSgA704-1904-19 20:07
159500This base change kills!Lzc704-1804-18 14:37
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