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Peng Huafeng and Bond (LOF) A
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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
25740[stool]Shanghai netizens01-1101-11 20:39
27621It is estimated that it will fall, it should be ranShanghai netizens12-1501-09 21:28
25250[stool]Shanghai netizens01-0901-09 21:22
26320All cleared, lost a few thousand, will it fall?Shanghai netizens12-1312-13 21:44
25840Why are you still falling, other bond funds have gone up?Shanghai mobile phone users12-0812-08 20:20
26560pitShanghai mobile phone users12-0712-07 07:38
23820GarbageShanghai mobile phone users12-0112-01 09:03
25940Start to rebound?Shanghai mobile phone users11-2111-21 23:13
27470I really can't wait for a month to redeem the position.Shanghai mobile phone users11-1111-11 21:39
26430what happened? Everyone has risen but it has fallen, it is speechless!Shanghai mobile phone users11-1011-10 21:59
29151One wordShanghai mobile phone users11-1011-10 21:36
26000What happened during this time, old dishShanghai mobile phone users11-0811-08 11:55
384330blacksimple is the best11-0311-03 20:25
26600It is still falling today.Shanghai mobile phone users10-2510-25 22:05
34201Fund assets doubledShanghai mobile phone users10-2510-25 10:53
26190Is this too ugly? This is the case twice, two or three 0.9Shanghai mobile phone users10-2010-20 22:41
29611Must kill chickenShanghai mobile phone users10-1910-20 09:23
26140This valuation, I can only kill chickenShanghai mobile phone users10-1910-19 19:51
25430Deceptive valuationShanghai mobile phone users10-1910-19 14:20
377501Too stinking, deceivedLonely crane10-1810-18 22:25
26600Killing chicken, it’s stinkingShanghai mobile phone users10-1410-14 08:51
51581I am also drunk.Shanghai mobile phone users09-1409-26 20:36
45650Kill chickenShanghai mobile phone users09-2109-21 20:38
39640Too badShanghai mobile phone users09-2109-21 20:28
45610Every day is 0Shanghai mobile phone users09-2109-21 20:22
50593It’s too bad, it’s disappointing.Shanghai mobile phone users09-1909-19 22:16
47130It’s 0, when can it rise a little bit?Shanghai mobile phone users09-1409-14 20:31
46210How is it 0 today,Shanghai mobile phone users09-1309-13 20:26
365530It is 0 eggs.simple is the best09-0809-08 21:30
50571No good in the East, change to voteShanghai mobile phone users09-0809-08 20:08
45880瘟基,, not rising, will only fallShanghai mobile phone users09-0709-07 13:14
47660It’s too bad.Shanghai mobile phone users09-0209-02 21:09
40950I bought it recently and it doesn't feel very good.Shanghai mobile phone users08-3008-30 21:38
39110How is it so bad?Shanghai mobile phone users08-1908-19 22:50
38760This base lever is too high, preferably no more than 150%.Shanghai mobile phone users08-1708-17 21:19
41271No more gains today, killing directlyShanghai mobile phone users08-1608-16 11:31
40052How is green today? All bond redShanghai mobile phone users08-1508-15 22:23
35664Buy on the duck eggShanghai mobile phone users08-1208-15 20:06
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